Rumors Abound.

Rumors about that any special session called to deal with the issue of how schools will deal with days of attendance lost to Hurricane Matthew may deal with another issue.

HB2? No.

The State Supreme Court.
What's wrong with it, you ask?
Mike Morgan won his election.
How to fix that?
Add more justices.

When you can't win based on your ideas, you change the rules until you get your way.

The Constitution sets the number of justice. Two more can be added.

Stay tuned.



It's clearly an emergency

You can't have the voters just handing control of the court to Democrats all willy-nilly.

Any guesses who the two new justices would be? My money is on Art Pope and Thomas Stith, with Donald van der Vaart as a backup plan.

Well, one obvious choice

would be Bob Edmunds again. "Lost your election? No problem! We've got a pill for that."

Explain further please

Are you saying that the state constitution allows more SC justices than we currently have?

I'm a moderate Democrat.



(1) Membership. The

(1) Membership. The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices, but the General Assembly may increase the number of Associate Justices to not more than eight. In the event the Chief Justice is unable, on account of absence or temporary incapacity, to perform any of the duties placed upon him, the senior Associate Justice available may discharge those duties.
(2) Sessions of the Supreme Court. The sessions of the Supreme Court shall be held in the City of Raleigh unless otherwise provided by the General Assembly.