Ryan-Romney's Killer Budget

Let's be blunt. Access to health care saves lives. Loss of health care costs lives. The Ryan-Romney budget would cut as many as 30 million Americans off Medicaid--which, by definition, is the health care program available to people who can't afford any other coverage. Analysis of Medicaid coverage's effectiveness in saving lives shows that this would cost about 170,000 lives a year. Put it this way: The Ryan-Romney health care cuts could result in more additional American deaths every year than we've lost in every war since WWII combined.

Shocking? Yes, but you don't have to take my word for it. Here are my sources. Crunch the numbers yourself.




Monstrously immoral? That's my opinion.


Sanctity of life

applies only during the phase known as "pre birth"

Get Out The Vote



A. Remove Social Security Cap--Why should very rich pay 1/1000th and Middle Class pay 6.2%
B. Increase Dividend Tax from 15 to 28%. Capital vs Labor. Be Fair.
Coal Miner pays 28% and man sitting on butt pays 15% Labor is as important as capital.
Try doing without either.
C. Estate Tax Increase.
D. Corporate Tax Adjustments.. Top Rate is 35% but they whine about paying an average of 16% on earnings. Get the 35%.
E. Public Finance Elections.--Candidate cannot use any money except that given by the public.
F. Wall Street—Revert back to selling stock to raise funds for corporations to create jobs.
Want to raise money by selling stock is ok. Just do not allow selling it except back to owner. Eliminate the operations which are mere Gambling in a Rich Man’s Casino. Want to gamble go to Las Vegas.
G. Restart Unions to get Labor a Fair share of earnings.

Those suggestions will return us to Democratic Philosophy of PAY YOUR WAY.
Go away from Republican philosophy of-- SPEND AND BORROW LET KIDS PAY TOMORROW.

1945 to 1981--Each percentile increased in Wealth and Income almost evenly in percentage.

Reagan big tax cuts of 60% (70 to 28) for Richest, 40% to Big Corporations -Dividend Rate for Wall Street.
Tax Increases of biggest in history the Social Security Tax Increase--A Tax on elderly on 50% of Social Security Income--Five cent tax on Gas.

Bush Big Tax cuts for Very Rich.


From 1980 to 2008

Top 1% got 35.4% of Total Wealth Increase
Top 1% got 44.1% of Total Income Growth

In 2007 a not so pretty picture


top 20% owned 85% of Total Wealth and bottom 80% owned 15%

Of non-home wealth top 20% owned 93% and 80% owned 7%

Top 20% got 60% of Total Income and 80% got 40%

It is a disaster for the future of the huge Middle Class. A small few own the majority.

Will we ever get a Congress and President willing to do what is FAIR.

Redistribute the Income and Wealth.

I fear for our future.

clarence swinney