Saturday News: If it walks like a cult...

CHARLOTTE CHURCH PLANNING ANOTHER SUPERSPREADER EVENT: A large number of people are expected to gather over the weekend at a Charlotte church that was the source of a deadly COVID-19 outbreak in October, according to local media reports. Bishop C.M. Bailey, the national leader of the United House of Prayer for All People, is planning a visit to the United House of Prayer on Beatties Ford Road Jan. 2 and 3, Fox 46 reported, citing a member of the church. His visit could draw a crowd of hundreds, WCNC reported. At least 213 COVID-19 cases have been linked to convocation events the church held in October, and 12 people have died. Health officials allowed the church to reopen just before Halloween after it agreed to certain restrictions, including capacity limits, the Observer reported.

BURLINGTON MAN ARRESTED FOR ORGANIZING "SECRET" NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH: A tent was set up outside the Palmers Grove Community Center, at 1021 Palmers Grove Church Road, and deputies said about 100 people were inside. Jacob Alfred Kurtis Bethea, who organized the party, dubbed New Years in the Valley, and advertised it on social media as “the biggest New Year’s party in the state," authorities said. Party attendees purchased tickets online prior to receiving the address of the gathering. Deputies found about 10 people armed with semiautomatic handguns providing security for the party, and one even carried an AR-15 rifle, authorities said. Bethea, 30, was charged with violating executive orders on mass gathering limits and operating an entertainment facility that's supposed to be closed. Deputies also served him with an outstanding warrant from Guilford County charging him with violating the mass gathering limits with an event in September.

WILMINGTON'S FILM BIZ CHUGGING ALONG WITH 4 MAJOR PROJECTS FOR 2021: As it stands, 2020 closes out with four projects on the books going into the new year – two television series currently in production, "This Country" and "Hightown;" and two feature films in pre-production, "I.S.S." and "Static." A good year for film, however, will be all dependent on the looming cloud that is COVID-19. Case counts are worse than ever and the film/TV production capital in Los Angeles is already asking projects to consider pausing while vaccines can be put in arms across the country. If that will have an impact locally remains to be seen, but Griffin noted these factors are beyond North Carolina's control, which hasn't always been the case when it comes to Wilmington film industry hurdles. "Exterior factors like COVID could affect us in 2021, but in years past, it has been the internal factors like House Bill 2 (the so-called Bathroom Bill) and incentives that have hurt us," he said. Griffin added that other potential projects have inquired about shooting in Wilmington and he expects to continue those conversations in the new year.

JUDGE DISMISSES GOHMERT'S IDIOTIC LAWSUIT AGAINST(FOR?) PENCE: Kernodle wrote that previous court cases make clear that an individual member of Congress cannot sue for a harm supposedly done to the larger legislature. Additionally, the judge found, Gohmert’s claim of harm is a series of hypothetical scenarios stacked on top of each other, further undercutting any authority for the court to intervene. Gohmert claimed the vice president has the power to effectively pick the next president during the formal recording of electoral college votes by Congress on Wednesday. Pence oversees that ceremony and, as president of the Senate, has the power to declare Biden electors in a handful of key states invalid and instead recognize electors supporting Trump, the filing contends. In a Thursday night filing, a Justice Department lawyer wrote on Pence’s behalf that the case is “a walking legal contradiction,” because Gohmert has sued Pence seeking to give Pence more power. If Gohmert and his allies want to make such a claim, the Justice Department argued, they should sue Congress, not Pence. Lawyers for the House of Representatives also asked the judge to reject the Gohmert suit, arguing that it called for “a radical departure from our constitutional procedures and consistent legislative practices” and would “authorize the Vice President to ignore the will of the Nation’s voters.”

TRUMP TWEETS GEORGIA SENATE RUNOFFS ARE "ILLEGAL AND INVALID," POSSIBLY DISCOURAGING GOP VOTERS: President Trump took to Twitter Friday evening to make the unfounded assertion that Georgia’s two Senate races are “illegal and invalid,” an argument that could complicate his efforts to convince his supporters to turn out for Republican candidates in the two runoff races that will determine which party controls the Senate. The president is set to hold a rally in Dalton, Ga., on Monday, the day before Election Day, and Georgia Republicans are hoping he will focus his comments on how crucial it is for Republicans to vote in large numbers for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, the state’s two incumbent Republican senators. But Mr. Trump has continued to make the false claim that Georgia’s election system was rigged against him in the Nov. 3 general election. Some Republican leaders are afraid that his supporters will take the president’s argument seriously, and decide that voting in a “corrupt” system is not worth their time, a development that could hand the election to the Democrats. Since losing the election to Joseph R. Biden Jr. in November, Mr. Trump has directed a sustained assault on Georgia’s Republican leaders — including Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — saying they have not taken seriously enough his claims of voter fraud. He has called Mr. Kemp “a fool” and called for him to resign. At a rally for Ms. Loeffler and Mr. Perdue last month in Georgia, the president spent considerable time airing his own electoral grievances, while devoting less time to supporting the two Republican candidates.



Big surprise, he only cares about himself

The last thing Georgia Republicans should do is invite Trump down there to "help." He has never had the situational awareness it takes to focus on anything other than his own wants and desires, and the word "counterproductive" isn't in his vocabulary. His guiding rule is, "What's in it for me?"

If he was able to think strategically, which he claims with every other breath, he would know the best way to punish Biden for defeating him would be to keep the Senate under GOP control for the first two years of Biden's Presidency. But he's a narcissist, and there's no room for thoughts like that.