Saturday News: Nice try, Dallas


REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE OPPOSING JEFF JACKSON RULED INELIGIBLE TO RUN: Sen. Jeff Jackson, a Mecklenburg County Democrat, could be the only state Senate candidate running unopposed after the county's Board of Elections rejected the candidacy of Republican Nora Trotman. Trotman says she'll appeal the decision, which came in response to two complaints claiming she is ineligible to run as a Republican in Senate District 37. One complaint was that she hadn't been registered as a Republican for at least 90 days prior to filing, while the other complaint took issue with the fact that her filing paperwork wasn't delivered in person, by mail or by a courier service. Trotman's paperwork was delivered by NC Republican Party executive director Dallas Woodhouse.

MORE EVIDENCE OF CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA'S INVOLVEMENT IN TILLIS CAMPAIGN: British contractors from Cambridge Analytica were "all over" state Republican Party offices in the closing months of North Carolina's 2014 U.S. Senate election, according to sources close to the party. One North Carolina source said the company, under fire over its use of Facebook data and under investigation for its methods in British politics, had three employees embedded with the North Carolina Republican Party. Two other sources said there were at least two people. That's consistent with what Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie, who kicked off international inquiries of the company, has said – Cambridge Analytica had "three or four" full-time staffers, none of them U.S. citizens, in the state for the successful 2014 effort to elect U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis. Documents released by the British Parliament this week include references to personality profiles built for North Carolina's 2014 elections: Lazy Liberals, Turnout Targets, Priority Persuasion and Wild Cards.

A YEAR IN, HB2 "REPEAL" BILL STILL NOT SATISFACTORY TO EITHER SIDE: "I think the replacement for HB2 sent a clear signal that basketball meant more than the well-being of the community," Hirschy said. Hirschy said some of those members who campaigned on HB2 repeal voted for HB142, but "they're not exactly the same thing." HB 142 isn't considered a "clean repeal" since it contained other provisions like the moratorium. "HB142 is not an acceptable or permanent solution, because the repeal of HB2 left the state without a clear, unequivocal policy ensuring privacy and safety in public bathrooms and showers," Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the N.C. Values Coalition, said in a statement. "If Governor Cooper is not willing to protect the freedom, privacy, and safety of women and children of North Carolina in multi-stall facilities, he should provide funding in his budget for construction of single-facility bathrooms and showers for public buildings."

THE TRUMP SEXUAL HARASSMENT LAWSUIT YOU PROBABLY HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT: Summer Zervos, a California restaurant owner who appeared as a contestant on “The Apprentice,” isn’t asking for much in her defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump. She wants less than $3,000 and an apology for what she said were unwanted sexual advances. But if the lawsuit continues, it could land Trump in the same cycle of depositions and document discovery that caused so much trouble for President Bill Clinton after he was sued by Paula Jones. That would mean he would have to answer potentially embarrassing questions under oath about his relationships with women. Trump’s attempts to get the lawsuit tossed out have failed so far, but the battle isn’t over yet. Zervos, who appeared on “The Apprentice” in 2006, said that when she returned months later to inquire about a job, Trump groped and forcibly kissed her.

PALESTINIAN DEATH TOLL RISES IN GAZA BORDER CONFRONTATION: The U.N. Security Council has called an emergency meeting to discuss deadly clashes in Gaza between Palestinians and Israeli troops. Kuwait requested the closed Security Council session, scheduled for Friday evening. Fifteen were killed by Israeli fire on Friday after thousands of Palestinians marched to Gaza's border with Israel with the intent of crossing into the Jewish state. Hamas organizers have said there will be six weeks of daily protests against a stifling border blockade. It was the bloodiest day in Gaza since the 2014 cross-border war between Israel and Hamas. The Palestinian Health Ministry said more than 750 were wounded by Israeli fire. The Israeli military said thousands of Palestinians threw stones and rolled burning tires toward troops deployed on the other side of the border fence.