Secret Executions - What does NC have to hide?

Texas and Florida are are certainly not liberal states when it comes to the death penalty...

Editorial in News and Observer from former Texas Governor and Former Chief Justice of Florida Supreme Court questions "On death penalty drugs, what does NC have to hide?"

..."Public notice and comment have long been a crucial part of policymaking in the federal and state governments. They provide a safeguard to ensure policies are fair, effective and constitutional, even on the most mundane topics such as driver’s license registration. Yet, for execution procedures, North Carolinians now have no opportunity to offer opinions before these protocols go into effect.

The foundation of our constitutional republic lies in accountability and transparency, enabling American citizens to learn and debate about policy. Yet citizens cannot engage in robust conversations when basic information is hidden. The media, experts and the public can no longer serve as effective monitors of government activity on this important issue.

Both supporters and opponents of the death penalty should be outraged."