SELC Live Blogging

Tonight, three representatives of the Southern Environmental Law Center are speaking to our political salon about their important work. SELC is a non-profit organization that does pro bono representation in cases deemed well worth winning on behalf of Mother Nature.

Blan Holman is one of their attorneys who participated in SELC's case recently in the US Supreme Court against Duke Energy. Attorney David Farren is also here, along with Annie O'Leary in development.


When does an old coal-fired become new? This is the essence of the Duke Energy case. Years ago, Duke pulled several coal-fired plants off line to make them run more effectively. When Duke brought them back on line, they made everything new except they didn't upgrade the smokestacks. SELC sued for force compliance with laws associated with building new plants (new source pollution). It went all the way to the Supremes.

[Interesting fact: The Solicitor General is called "The Tenth Justice." The SG is a Bush appointee who is confirmed by the Senate.]

Blan was second chair when this case was argued in the Supreme Court. Their case was made much more difficult because the EPA was only working with them as an "interested party" . . . and EPA was also a pain in the ass because they were conflicted (Bush administration didn't want the case to be heard in the first place).

When the SELC lawyers walked out of the Court, they were mostly angry and bummed. They felt the Justices gave Duke Energy a free pass; and they felt the Justices had not actually read the SELC's final briefs. Later, upon reading the transcripts, they felt better about it. Fingers are now crossed.

................ more coming ..................

Anglico aside: This yet one more reason why the Child King has been such an enormous disaster for our country. He has stacked the Supreme Court with Justices who believe corporations have the same or even more rights as human beings.


Obvious first

OLF, and all that is involved there. What is the ability for the state government, or citizens, to halt Dole and Burr from granting this to the Navy?

"Keep the Faith"


Dole is a big part of the problem, as I've written here. I've heard that Perdue has declined to step in and stir up a ruckus . . . which, if it's true, is really going to piss me off.

Easley could say something about this, but hasn't.

The case has been going on a long time and people are tired, but the farmers and environmentalists aren't giving up.

The next big opportunity to intervene is when the Navy has to hold public hearings on its new Environmental Impact Statement. As soon as they're scheduled, I'll let you know.

And if you know any farmers, tell them to push the NC Farm Bureau to get involved in this too.

Bev Perdue

showed herself to be an effective negotiator for our state's interests during the base realignment and closing decision-making process. I will be more than disappointed if she does not do likewise to stop the OLF.

She could kick ass on this

if she wanted to. This could be a key plank in her campaign for governor. It's environmental, it's family farm, it's good on every front except one: sucking up to the military. The Navy deserves not a single benefit of any doubt in this case. The Navy deserves to be embarrassed and shut out of the affected counties.

David Farren

is now talking about air quality problems in NC urban areas. Charlotte, the Triangle, and the Triad all three violate the ozone standards for air quality (which are not very demanding standards). Charlotte and the Triad are also violating the particulate standards.

The reason is because of automobiles and trucks, pure and simple.

David is very optimistic that the Dems will be more focused on connecting the dots between automobile transportation and pollution. The six years we've wasted under the spoiled Child King have been an unmitigated disaster.

(Remind me to write about standards later . . . standards for ozone and particulate matter are the thing that drives every dimension of public policy.)


Cars, trucks and stripping of the trees. No leaves to help filter the particulate matter. This past summer wasn't so bad, but there have been times that I had to stay inside because of the air quality.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.