Senator Bernie Sanders says it all yesterday...

Senator Sanders speech in the Senate yesterday is a stunning indictment of just how feckless our Congress is. I'm waiting for the war to spread to the streets and elected officials to be hung from street lamps. The truth is being spoken. Who's listening? Watch this video.


Senator Bernie Sanders is right

Thanks for sharing the powerful, true-telling speech about the American war on the middle-class and the poor by Senator Bernie Sanders. The tax codes bow to the the rich with bouquets of loopholes and tax credits, and then make up the difference on the backs of the rest of us. And there is no better spokesman to illustrate this illicit governing than Senator Sanders.

Charles Malone

Charles Malone

We are being knowingly and systematically screwed

by the very people we've elected to represent our and our nation's best interests. I am so angry that, except for Brad Miller, Sanders, and a few others, I wouldn't stop to spit in a Congress-persons face if their nose was on fire. I have zero respect for the institution.

BTW...any one out there with money in Bank of America ought to get it out. After receiving $45 Billion in taxpayer's money and another $118 Billion in guarantees, rumor on the street is that they are going belly up.

Stan Bozarth