Sex Workers and Condom Use

Written by: India Johnson

The idea of using condoms is not as popular as it should be in today’s society. There are lots of people advocating for condom use, yet STD rates are steadily rising. One population in particular is at higher risk for contracting STDs the most; sex workers. When most people think of sex workers, they may think of a prostitute or someone who works on the street. While that description is sometimes true, the title “sex worker” is an overall name that sums up all activities in which a person provides sexual or sexual related services in exchange for money, drugs, housing or other favors. Sex workers can range from street workers, to strippers, all the way to high paid escorts. No matter what the title is the use of condoms are equally important.

It has been proven that condoms are 99.9% affective in protecting any person from contracting STDs or HIV if they are used properly. Some sex workers do not have access to condoms and some do, but others are afraid of carrying them due to possible harassment by law enforcement. Depending on the area, police officers use possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution, not understanding that this is how they protect themselves and other community members who interact with them. Other sex workers, who do not use condoms, use unsafe and risky methods that they believe will reduce their chances of becoming infected such as “pulling out”. Due to lack of knowledge about this topic, sex workers are unaware that “pulling out” can still result in contracting the HIV infection or other STDs. This, in turn, could potentially transfer to the client and create a domino affect to other community members, therefore, raising the rates of STDs once again.

It is imperative that sex workers use condoms each and every time they engage in sexual behavior. Wearing condoms could actually reduce the STD rates within their population and clients that they interact with, which could potentially lower STD rates overall.


An age old problem

Before the AIDS virus, syphilis and gonorrhea were the prevalent STD's in the world. Of course, if detected soon enough, they were treatable. But, in any case, they were not something anyone wanted to "catch". Most military types will tell you that the "clap lines" at the dispensaries, especially overseas, sometimes get long because of our troops getting gonorrhea ( mostly ). The "buy me a drink" girls in the bars that also sell their bodily goods and the girls in the "massage" parlors and other places that are just whore houses with different fronts are in it for the money. Many would like to have their paying customers use condoms and many try to get them to do that, but a guy doesn't have to offer much "extra" to go "bare back" in most cases. Again, it's about money for these girls. And, like it or not, guys don't like to use condoms.

Now that AIDS is on the scene, we have a far more deadly STD to deal with. And, even though medical advances are being made every year, AIDS is deadly but people are ignoring it just as they ignored syphilis and gonorrhea. This is by far worse than what we've had to deal with in the past but that doesn't make it any less problematic to deal with.

Evil things are out there in our world. Wouldn't it be nice if there was some magic bullet to end them?