Shuler arming up for district events

Only Health Shuler could come up with a response this idiotic. Just what we need, more guns at political events.

Shuler, who received a serious death threat in 2009, says he is planning to carry his weapon more often and boost security at his district events. He’s even encouraging his staffers to get their own conceal to carry permits. “You never think something like this will happen, but then it does,” Shuler said “After the elections, I let my guard down. Now I know I need to have [my gun] on me. We’re going to need to do a much better job of with security at these events.”


Battle Tank Health?

No doubt Congressman Shuler is gearing up for future political battles with his latest event vehicle, a M-1 Abrams Battle Tank.......What next? The Asheville 101 st private milita as his personal bodyguard?

Shuler seems to have a knack for doing the wrong thing

at the wrong time. Rather than speaking about the need to tone down the political demagoguery and create a environment where differences can be rationally debated and resolved without the fear of violence, he publicly announces he's going to carry a handgun to protect himself. Who is he trying to impress or intimidate?

Stan Bozarth

Mag 357 Right! On Two! Break!

Who is he trying to impress or intimidate? * Stan

Washington Redskins! He wants another shot in the NFL as a QuarterBack fully protected this time.........

If adding more weapons to the mix

was the way to make things less violent, then it seems like Arizona should be the safest of all:

Arizona to allow concealed weapons without permit
Governor Brewer signs legislation into law


Gov. Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1108 into law Friday afternoon. It eliminates the requirement for a concealed-carry weapons permit

Personally I would think that

Personally I would think that the prudent course of action if you feel the need to arm yourself would be to carry a concealed weapon and not advertise that fact to the public. Never tell anyone you have guns in your house or on your person.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

kids need to know

Kids need to know about their parents guns. If you don't tell your kids about your guns, they find them anyway, and are much more likely to hurt someone with them.

For similar reasons, your kids' friends' parents, if they ask, should be informed.

agreed Jerimee

That's not what I was talking about. Big egos brag about their firearms. Insecure people display them in public. At home gun locks or safes should always be used. Children should know about them and be taught to respect them. No gun should ever be left out loaded or otherwise. Unloaded guys kill people all the time. If Shuler were really arming himself for purely safety reasons he never would have told anyone what he planned to do. If he is looking to score political points he informs the press about his intentions.

I'm a moderate Democrat.