Shuler Condems Taylor on Forest Land Sale

Note from Lance: This is the first mention of this story on BlueNC, so I thought I'd bump it to the front page. I also attached Shuler's press release (see below).

Summitted by Dan Siler,Veterans Advocate038
Proposed forest land sale
by From staff reports

published February 25, 2006 6:00 am

Democrat Heath Shuler, who is running for a seat in the U.S. House, called for incumbent U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor to condemn President Bush’s proposal to sell 300,000 acres of U.S. Forest Service land.

Under the president’s proposal some 6,615 acres in the Pisgah and Nantahala national forests in Western North Carolina could be sold to fund a program that distributes money to counties for rural schools.

“While I agree that funding our education system is crucial to our country’s future, selling off our precious public lands to temporarily cover a shortfall in education funding is a short-term solution to a long-term budget problem,” Shuler said in a letter to Taylor.
Taylor, a Republican, said in a statement Friday that the proposal hasn’t been presented to Congress.

“Once legislation is formally presented to Congress, I will meet with county commissioners and the public in every area where there is a proposal to sell U.S. Forest land, to determine what the wishes of the local people are,” Taylor said. “We will take a close look at each piece of property proposed for sale. After meeting with people in the areas that are impacted, I will make a decision.”


Typical Taylor Two-Step

This isn't about what affects or doesn't affect local people. This is about what is right and in the interest of the common good. Local people are only one part of the common good.

Of course, I expect the "local people" Taylor's talking about are local developers who we all know will watch out for the public interest their own interests by protecting public land building more condos.

And whatever happens, you can be sure Chuck's on the take. Just another free-market winger looking to make a buck by suckering we the people.

Good for Heath

The NC Dem candidates for Congress need to unify a front.

I saw Larry Kissell had this on his website last week:

Larry Kissell Calls on Congress
Stop Bush's Plan to Sell National Forest Land

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"President Bush cannot be allowed to continue with this plan to sell 300,000 acres of our national forests," said Kissell.

"This administration has done enough to set back our environment during their watch and we can't let them do it again. Our own Uwharrie National Forest may be on the auction block -- this isn't just an environmental issue, it is also economics. If we don't have clean air, water, and open spaces, how can we expect to grow our economy? We'll have to pay the bill eventually for the harm we are doing by letting these harmful environmental policies go forward."

Kissell considers protecting our environment, natural resources and economy a part of his strong commitment to the Real Family Values currently lacking in Washington.

"I'm sure if you asked Rep. Hayes he's 'flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed' to torture, just like he was CAFTA. Too bad he voted for both."
-Larry Kissell for Congress

High Stakes

This just makes it all that much clearer what's at stake in November.

NY Times weighs in on parks

It's not just the potential sale of park land that's so egregious, it's also the entire wingnut approach to parks stewardship. By proposing to cut $100 million from the parks budget, Bushco is making management of parks nearly impossible, thereby bolstering their case to sell assets and privatize. It's Winger 101 in action: starve government so it becomes ineffective so you can then say it's ineffective. These guys are crooks.