Shuler, Foxx and Coble: Seducing young smokers is no big deal. It's good for the economy!

The US House passed a bill yesterday opening the door a crack for the FDA to get involved in regulating cigarettes. At issue are additives in cigarettes that are designed to make smoking more appealing to young people. Binker pulls out this amazing section of the bill, and does us the favor of translating it, too.

A) SPECIAL RULE FOR CIGARETTES- Beginning 3 months after the date of enactment of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, a cigarette or any of its component parts (including the tobacco, filter, or paper) shall not contain, as a constituent (including a smoke constituent) or additive, an artificial or natural flavor (other than tobacco or menthol) or an herb or spice, including strawberry, grape, orange, clove, cinnamon, pineapple, vanilla, coconut, licorice, cocoa, chocolate, cherry, or coffee, that is a characterizing flavor of the tobacco product or tobacco smoke. Nothing in this subparagraph shall be construed to limit the Secretary's authority to take action under this section or other sections of this Act applicable to menthol or any artificial or natural flavor, herb, or spice not specified in this subparagraph. For purposes of this section, a cigarette or any of its component parts has a characterizing flavor if the cigarette, its tobacco smoke, or the component part imparts a distinguishable taste or aroma other than tobacco or menthol either prior to consumption or during consumption, or is advertised or marketed as having or producing a flavor, taste, or aroma other than tobacco or menthol.

Binker says Howie Coble offered some prepared remarks:

“I also have concerns with the impact this legislation would have upon tobacco manufacturers and their employees. These companies employ many hard-working North Carolinians, and I believe FDA regulation of tobacco could negatively affect these manufacturing jobs.

My translation:

Killing people with additives in tobacco is good business and I'm all for it.

PS - I got a letter yesterday from Heath Shuler asking for money. He included the following in the pitch. (Note to Shuler campaign: don't bother asking me again. You're wasting your stamps.)

Our working families deserve the opportunity to earn a decent wage, have access to good healthcare, and make sure their kids receive a solid educations.

What it should have said.

Our working families deserve the opportunity to earn a decent wage, have access to good healthcare so they can be treated for cancer at the lowest possible cost, and make sure their kids receive every opportunity to start smoking with easy-on-the-taste-buds menthol flavoring.


Coble stoned?

I don't know much about Coble, but everything I read from the guy sounds like it was written by someone from the Daily Show. Take this for example:

“Madam Speaker, tobacco is a product that is lawfully grown, lawfully marketed, lawfully manufactured, and lawfully consumed. We don’t need the FDA inserting its oars into these waters."

Duh. This legislation wasn't about tobacco. It was about additives to cigarettes designed to encourage youth smoking, which by the way, Howie, IS illegal ... and should be banned. Is Howard Coble really that dense?



Jesus Swept, this December


I bet if those additives were hemp derivatives he'd be singing a different tune. Tetrahowardcoblenol is not an additive we need in Congress.


Good one, Greg. I miss your wordplay.


Jesus Swept, this December