Sierra Club Endorses Former "Meddling Kid" for Lt. Governor

Dan Besse received the Sierra Club's resounding endorsement in the Democratic race for Lt. Governor this week. In this video announcement he describes the Eureka! moment of his long career in environmental advocacy:

Following a purple river to its source and learning the ropes of citizen action...


"The things and the people we care about..."

"...can't always take care of themselves."

Should be the motto of the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Way to Go, Dan!

Thanks for all your "meddling."

This reminds me of the creek that runs in front of my grandmother's house. As kids, we used to dare each other to jump across the wide parts. At least one of us would end up with wet shoes.

Today, you could barely lay a shoe across the trickle of water that remains. Two weeks worth of weeds would swamp it completely.

It used to be fashionable to call us tree-huggers. Water-hugger just doesn't have the same ring, especially when you're thirsty.

Another great video!

Very powerful! Great job, Dan. Great job, Frank!

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Breakout issue

As "negative" (as in "depressing") of a subject as this is, I wonder if the issues of drought and water access might not be something that the campaigns should be speaking about more.

In the final analysis, all the great programs and efforts our political leaders wish to pursue will all be on the backburner is citizens have to wonder when their next shower or bath is coming from, thinking about how many times they can flush their toilet, and the potential rising prices and shorter hours of restaurants that don't know how much water they'll get if we don't have a plan in place concerning water access for communities.

What we need is a picture of Dan in a stillsuit.

:-) He's probably geeky enough to have read the Dune series, so he knows what I mean.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Speaking of integrity

Dan Besse is more than deserving of this recognition from the Sierra Club, and indeed should have received multiple other endorsements, most notably that of NARAL.

Speaking of integrity, Dan Besse is a man who truly deserves that tag. That's not something one can say about the majority of candidates of either party running for office in this state.

Please keep at it, Dan. Please, please stay in the fight and don't let the bastards get ya down.

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-Edmund Burke

the race for Lt. Gov.

I'm a Smathers supporter, but I think that both Dan Besse and the Sierra Club deserve congratulations for the fact that the endorsement went to an excellent and deserving candidate.


While I have known Dan since his early days in the Conservation Council of NC(1982), and have followed his career of public service helping the poor down east, I am most impressed with his character. He does what he says he will do. He arrives when he promises. He does not equivocate when he is sure of his position. He is intelligent and compassionate.

His character is unimpeachable. He would make a fine public servant and be a credit to the people of North Carolina at a time when public officials are being scrutinized for lack of honesty and morality.

Tom Glendinning