So, I Called the Hayes Campaign...

Following bchriste80's mention of a call to the Hayes camp, I myself got sick of the lie-filled mailers when I checked my mail today to find yet another mailer alleging that Larry Kissell is running a negative campaign. So, I called the number found on Hayes' congressional website only to get redirected to the number found on his campaign website. After that was settled, I started with the mailer from today (as recalled to the best of my memory of the last thirty minutes):

Me: So, regarding today's flier, it says that Mr. Kissell was fined by the FEC, but what for exactly?

Staffer: For filing his campaign finances late.

Me: Is that something that I, as a voter, need to be concerned with?

Staffer: Ever since this campaign started, Mr. Kissell has had one responsibility and that was to file his finances on time.

Excuse, me but I thought that it was the duty of the candidate to inform the voters on their stances and why they deserve to be elected or re-elected. Apparently the Hayes camp doesn't get that since on Mr. Hayes' website, there are no positions on any issues to be found. This is in amazing contrast to Larry's website, which has plenty of positions on the issues.

More below the cut...

The flier from today also mentioned how Larry is "wrong on prescription drugs." It doesn't say why he's wrong, just that he is. So:

Me: The flier I received today says that Mr. Kissell is wrong on prescription drugs, but on the AARP's website, it seems that the AARP sides with Mr. Kissell on every issue, so why is Mr. Kissell wrong?

Staffer: The mailer is mentioning that Mr. Kissell called the Medicare Prescription Plan B Drug Plan a waste.

Me: Then why exactly does it seem that the AARP sides with Mr. Kissell? And what are Mr. Hayes' positions on prescription drugs? He supports the Plan B?

Staffer: Yes.

He wasn't too talkative, apparently. However, it is true that Larry and the AARP agree yet Robin's opinions are no where to be found... hmm...

Next up was jobs since the staffer asked me what my main concerns were for this election and I chose the topic for which Robin is about to get kicked out of office for.

Me: Didn't Mr. Hayes support CAFTA?

Staffer: Yes, he did.

Me: And didn't CAFTA hurt the eighth district's jobs?

Staffer: No, CAFTA helped place restrictions on China's textile imports.

Me: I thought that CAFTA was the Central American Free Trade Agreement, what does that have to do with China?

Staffer: Mr. Hayes was able to negotiate, I think, 33 trade restrictions on China when he voted for CAFTA.

Can anyone find what exactly the staffer is referencing? I've Googled all around the web and failed miserably to find what the staffer was talking about...

I also brought up the negative campaign allegations from Hayes' most recent commercial:

Me: The latest tv ad accuses Mr. Kissell of running a negative campaign... other than this attack on Mr. Hayes about his lack of an appearance at a Fourth of July rally, what has Mr. Kissell been negative about?

Staffer: The tv ad mentions the Fourth of July rally specifically.

Me: Uh-huh, and is this something I need to be concerned about as a voter; the fact that Mr. Hayes might not've shown up at a presidential appearance over the summer?

Staffer: Well, Mr. Kissell is running unfounded accusations.

Me: And what exactly is this flier? Over the past two weeks I've received at least fourteen fliers in the mail, all of them attacking Mr. Kissell and the fact that he is wrong on taxes, drugs, and wrong for North Carolina, isn't that negative?

Staffer: (Not sure what exactly he said, but it was something along the lines of "no" only not outright said).

Me: Then what exactly is Mr. Hayes defining as negative if these mailers aren't?

Staffer: Mr. Kissell is the one who made the false accusations.

There was more, but these were the highlights. It appears that you just can't get a stance out of the Hayes camp... even after that call, I'm still confused on where Robin stands on pretty much every issue with the exception of the drug plan, which he apparently supports this week.


Great job, Boldly.

I love it when the rubberstamper Bushbots actually have to think about what they're saying. You can sense a momentary flicker of sanity, but then it dissipates into talking points and bullshit.

Nice work.

flicker of fear

that they might actually be legally responsible for their lies.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Boldly, please hold on to that ad

I need to see if they are continuing to use my copyrighted photograph.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

what about

what about the picture from Larry's website that they cropped? Are they still stealing that?

"Keep the Faith"

i doubt it

but only because i think they are using other ads instead, not because they are afraid of rules or the law.

"Keep the Faith"

Not a problem.

I just scanned it for you (and if anyone else would like to see exactly what it looked like):


I'm sorry to have to say this

but Robin Hayes is a sleazy piece of shit. I can't believe he actually authorized this mailing. What a despicable old man.

Don't be sorry.

You're not related to him.

His MOMMA, on the other hand, should be ashamed that her son has grown into such a poor excuse for a gentleman.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies

Bare Knuckled

Hayes is a dirty, dirty, dirty one.

But that's how they work. Hayes and his ilk expect Democrats to stand agog and say to each other, "How could he?", without actually responding.

There's lots of ways to get attention to Hayes' misinformation. Here's a few ideas. If I wasn't locked into phone banking this weekend, I'd come help.

- Sit-in on sidewalk in front of Hayes' campaign office with as many of his mailers as you can find. Signs saying, "Why so dirty?"

- Bird-dogging Hayes: Get two or three folks with video equipment to follow him everywhere b/w now and election day. Ask questions loudly.

- Start a group with a fun name like CAFTA Moms and have a press conference.

I know y'all are working your asses off, so don't take my suggestions as any indication that I doubt your hard work. Just thinking out loud.

Go get 'im!

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Great ideas.

I'd combine CAFTA Moms and Why So Dirty? The moms could have bars of soap to wash Flipper's filthy mouth out.

Any takers?

I'm thinking that from now until Election Day, every daylight hour of free time I have will be spent outside of Mr. Hayes office with a large sign perhaps asking where all of our 8th District jobs have gone. Any suggestions? Care to join?

I can join you in spirit!

But I am needed elsewhere.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Don't get Flyers

I don't get any mail from Robin Hayes. Since I questioned them about several things, I guess they took me off the mailing list. Of course, I have a Kissell sign in my yard, but I doubt they go around looking for that. The last thing I questioned them about was the war in Iraq. The response I received was about Medicare.