Solar Energy Spill In New England State Fails To Devastate Economy, Could Come To NC

Houston Oil Conglomerate
Says Oil Spill Could Be
Positive Influence
Houston based oil conglomerate Kinder-Morgan announced that oil pipeline spills can have a negative or a positive effect on a community. The positive aspect of their news release highlighted the jobs that could be generated and the boost to the local economy that could come from such a localized spill.
The lack of impact for a solar pipeline spill was experienced just this week when the nation's largest solar spill occurred in the Boston, MA area and no one noticed the damage incurred by the New England metropolis. It was business as usual for residents and business that is the fifth largest economy in the US.
Spokesmen for the mayor's office did not comment on the lack of damage to the area and had no estimates of the financial impact on local business or travel in and out of one of the largest travel hubs in the country.