Somebody call a Waaaaahmbulance for Jay Morrison

Jay Morrison, the man who instigated the anti-transit tax movement in Charlotte has a bit of a past according to the Charlotte Observer. This morning we in Charlotte were greeted with the news that Morrison was a party in 17 lawsuits he filed against his creditors and if the Observer is giving the full story, these are some stinky lawsuits.

Steve Harrison and Victoria Cherrie of the CharO tell it this way:

Jay Morrison, a key figure behind a November referendum to repeal Mecklenburg County's transit tax, had a "scheme to extort" money from a debt collector and bragged about his methods online, defendants say in court documents.

Morrison, now a candidate for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board, filed 16 similar lawsuits in 2004 seeking more than $320,000.

According to the Observer, Morrison says he sued to correct bad credit that appeared in his file when his credit file merged with another James Morrison. Go read the entire article so you can get the entire least as of this morning.....

We barely had time for that news to sink in when Morrison went on right wing talk radio to clear things up a bit. The Observer covers that here. As mentioned in the initial article, Morrison is accused of having gone online under the name "lizardking" and bragged about the scam. Even winger host Keith Larson found Morrison's story "fishy".

Larson, a frequent critic of the Observer, said the Morrison story was a smear attempt to protect "the train madness" tax. But the host also said Morrison's explanation "sounds fishy."

Morrison filed 17 lawsuits in 2004 seeking more than $320,000 from credit companies and debt collectors. He said he did so after his credit identity was merged with another James Morrison. The lawyer for a credit company said Morrison's actions were "a con. And we caught him."

Asked by Larson to explain the Lizardking posting, Morrison said:

"I was invited on an Internet Web site where you can share information. One person might term it bragging. Some others might term it sharing of information."

According to court documents, here's what the Lizardking shared: "My next favorite lawsuit is to wait for 1st collection letter. Ignore it. Wait for 2nd collection letter. Then I draft a dispute letter, date it for a time period between the two collection letters. File a lawsuit against the credit bureau and claim that they continued collection activity by sending their 2nd letter. They settle for $1,500+ every time on that one. This game is great when you play by the same rules that the collection agencies use."

It wasn't long after the second story posted, that the third story was online reporting that Morrison was going to withdraw from the school board race. In typical Republican fashion there was a bit of playing the victim going on.

"It's impossible for me to win with this type of smear out there," Morrison told the Observer. "It would be a waste of my time and resources. I've got other things I can accomplish."

Awwwwwww. Somebody call Jay a Waaaaahmbulance. Sucks when Karma comes back to bite you in the ass, doesn't it?



What a dick head.

Waaaambulance to the rescue!

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I'm just waiting to find out if he's on the Puppetmaster's payroll. One of those "free-market" types.

Keep us posted. I see jail time in Morrison's future.

LizardKing never pays! Apply here!

I'm just waiting to find out if he's on the Puppetmaster's payroll. One of those "free-market" types.* A

Sounds like Sponge Bob was giving him legal advice on how to stop the Brothers from using the unconstitution Bush Bus!

Keep us posted. I see jail time in Morrison's future.* A

More than that! You know the IRS must have read the story.

I was wondering who the republican of the week was going to be? Move over Almond and Coy and Hairdresser Joe. The republican scam man is here!

I don't think so

He moved up from Florida with his wife and they settled in Ballantyne. I still don't know what he does for a living. His father was quoted in the paper as saying Jay made some good investments. Hmmmmmm.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

There is no end

to the links between Republicans and hypocrisy. Amazing.