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The following chart was published in the NYT and titled "American Shame."
American Shame

When people like our visitor Randy, and others like him, rave about saving our Republic from us darned libruls, I wonder what he thinks he's saving? Perhaps he's trying to save what he's pretending America is rather than what it has become...thanks to the GOP, Blue Dogs, and George Bush.

Out of the nine measured categories the US is BEST in NONE and either among the worst or the Worst of the Worst in 6 categories. 16 of the 33 nations outrank us in Democracy, Including the Czech Republic and Germany. Other than Singapore and Hong Kong, we have the highest income equality rating. I'm pretty sure we're on par with several nations run by dictators and despots, but I haven't gotten elsewhere yet to see the data. it is From Wiki and sure enough we're worse than Ghana, Kenya, Tunisia, Vietnam, and so many more....

The Guarantors Of Privilege have done their job well.


American exceptionalism

has come the mean: We reserve the right to be astoundingly ignorant and happy as pigs in shit while we trash the magnificent country we stole from the indigenous people who lived here before us.