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I've been talking with a lot of people about the Republican gubernatorial race lately, and all of the discussions have been about money. Fred Smith and Bill Graham have tons of cash and seem more than willing to spend it to win the honor of losing in the general election to Perdue or Moore. Bob Orr, on the other hand, is not independently wealthy. He does appear, however, to have a direct pipeline to Art Pope, where the money flows free and easy.

We all know that Art Pope has spent the last few years figuring out how pour money from his companies into influencing public elections. To give him credit, he's good at skirting the intent of the law, to my knowledge, and has exercised what I believe to be undue influence in key legislative races. Some fear he could be up to the same old electioneering tricks in the GOP primary for governor. Again, to my knowledge.

At this point, there are more questions than answers:

On April 25, 2007 Justice Orr appeared before the NC Court Of Appeals representing, in part the NC Institute for Constitutional Law, garnering extensive press coverage that included many references to his gubernatorial campaign.

“Coincidently,” a fundraising solicitation for the Orr 2008 Campaign Committee arrived in mail boxes the next morning, April 26, 2007. It's almost impossible to imagine the two events were not coordinated.

How do we reconcile the nonprofit NC Institute for Constitutional Law’s charter stating, “The Corporation shall not participate in, or otherwise intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office” with the NCICL’s continued employment of Justice Orr, a declared gubernatorial candidate? Doesn't financially supporting a candidate qualify as “participating” in a political campaign on the candidate’s behalf?

NCICL is a tax-exempt entity. It enjoys credits from taxpayers, which means it is effectively subsidized by others - like you, for example. Is it fair for an organization to have tax-exemption if it is also being used to advance a political candidate's campaign?

Justice Orr stated upon resigning from NCICL, he would continue in private legal practice or consulting. Who will be paying him?

If payments are made to him from NCICL, will they be lumped into a general “research category” even though the law requires a breakout for amounts over $50,000?

NCICL’s 990 PF tax return was due on January 15, 2007 for their fiscal year 9/01/05 to 8/31/06. I can't find a record of that filing. Who paid whom to do what during this specific time period?

In one of my discussions, someone asked me what I have against Bob Orr. I have nothing against Bob Orr. From all I know he is a very nice guy and people genuinely like him. I believe he is personally honest and committed to much that is good. I just don't much care for some of the company he keeps and I don't understand how he's making ends meet while he runs for governor.

Host list for Orr's upcoming fundraiser. To my knowledge.


If they pay him for actual services

they are not in violation of their charter. For example, as the director of a non-profit, I can work for the election of a candidate, I can even be a candidate. I just can't be use company funds to be a candidate, or campaign while I'm at work.

In this case, he's skating a mighty thin line, on mighty thin ice, but I think the line might still be there - to my knowledge. And I'm not an expert by any means.

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I'm sure the Puppetmaster

has that "mighty thin line" well scouted. And given the SBOE's view of electioneering, he's probably well aware of the thickness of the ice. So yeah, your points are well taken.

But somehow it's just unseemly for a person with such a good reputation as Bob Orr - a former justice on the NC Supreme Court - to be playing with this kind of fire. And Orr's decision to push the Dell case just as he's gearing up for a big-time fundraising campaign smells pretty darn rotten to me.

To my knowledge.

Art Pope can only give $8k....

directly to Orr's campaign. It's going to be a lot harder for him to fund a candidate, unless he funded a 527 to attack Graham and Smith.


He's got at least one.

he has more than one 527

and he also has a large number of relatives, friends etc who can all max out.

Also, by paying Orr's salary, he can provide Orr with money that Orr would then own himself and be able to use 100% of.

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"Keep the Faith"

some say

That has already occured. Others are asking for proof it has not yet happened.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Liddy 44 Brad 33

"Keep the Faith"

So funny I forgot to laugh


Mitchell provided the court a humorous moment when he suggested that people opposing corporate tax incentives should run for office. “Go run for the legislature and block the legislation, or run for governor to veto it.”

“I’m taking Burley’s advice,” Orr said after the hearing. He’s already announced plans to run for the Republican nomination for governor next year.

Forget the nice stuff I said about Orr. It looks like he thinks this is all just a big frickin' joke. He's just another predictable Puppet in the North Carolina Party of Greed. Surprise, surprise.

More publicity for Sponge Bob

This time over the favorite cause du jour of his Puppet colleagues . . . Randy Parton's scam in Roanoke Rapids.

The guy just can seem to stop digging holes around himself.