The Southern tradition of kicking blacks off juries

Chief Justice Roberts calls bs, vacates Georgia death sentence:

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that prosecutors in Georgia violated the Constitution by striking every black prospective juror in a death penalty case against a black defendant. The vote was 7 to 1, with Justice Clarence Thomas dissenting.

In notes that did not surface until decades later, prosecutors marked the names of black prospective jurors with a B and highlighted those names in green. They circled the word “black” where potential jurors had noted their race on questionnaires. After Mr. Foster was convicted, Stephen Lanier, the lead prosecutor, urged the all-white jury to impose a death sentence to “deter other people out there in the projects.” The jury did so.

First of all, what the fracking frack? Second of all, Clarence Thomas is not just an idiot, his hatred for his own race has made him delusional:

In dissent, Justice Thomas said the majority had not given enough deference to the trial judge’s assessment of the prospective jurors’ demeanor and of the prosecutors’ credibility.

For instance, Justice Thomas said, the judge determined that Mr. Hood had answered questions about the death penalty slowly and softly. Notes in the prosecutors’ files said the Church of Christ, of which Mr. Hood was a member, did not take a formal stand against capital punishment, Justice Thomas added.

“This new evidence supports the prosecution’s stated reason for striking Hood — that he, as a member of the Church of Christ, had taken an uncertain stance on capital punishment,” Justice Thomas wrote.

Really? The absence of a formal stance (pro- or anti-death penalty) by the man's religious denomination equates to a legitimate reason to kick him off the jury? There really should be a way to remove Supreme Court Justices who are painfully stupid. On the plus side, he's a lot more likely to put a toaster on the rim of his bathtub or cross the street after looking only one way, but still. My patience has worn too thin to rely on that.