Spot the Republican

Can you tell Republicans by looking at 'em? Let's put that to the test. Just for fun, I put together a quiz that shows photos of twelve members of the North Carolina Senate and asks you to identify them as Republican or Democrat. If you can get eight of the twelve right, then I figure you've earned bragging rights. But there's a catch: I limited my sample pool to white males, so you can't guess based on gender or race; you have to identify that undefinable something.... If you're up to it, take the quiz. Get eight or more correct and you get to leave your name in the Hall of Fame!



I only got 6 points, but it was a painful process. No wonder our world's so fucked up . . . totally overrun by WORMs*.

WORM = White Old Rich Man

to be fair...

to be fair, anglico, I think they chose "worm's" as you call them for this quiz to make it an actual challenge. As far as I know, all the Republicans in the state senate are white, so any minorities put in there would be an obvious Dem. Maybe a separate quiz to see if we can determine between R and D women legislators would be a fun challenge!

Good point.

I'm reminded of a trip to China recently when our guide joked that he thought all American's looked alike (after I failed to distinguish him from our driver on three occasions).