Spotlight on extremist Forsyth BOE chair Ken Raymond

If you live in Forsyth, consider putting some pressure on the powers that be to get Forsyth Board of Elections Chair Ken Raymond removed from his post.

I missed this in the flurry of news coming from Raleigh, but Q-Notes published a piece about him in January.

After the Winston-Salem Chronicle in an editorial said Raymond "would be the result if Allen West and Herman Cain could produce a lovechild," he responsed to the newspaper with a diatribe against gays and lesbians. The Camel City Dispatch chimed in on Raymond's remarks.

Nance told qnotes that The Chronicle‘s response to Raymond’s actions is reflective of the feeling in the local African-American community and the larger Forsyth County community.

“Raymond is a perennial candidate, a Republican partisan activist and many in the African-American community see his selection [as elections chair] as an attempt to fool them as [Republicans] instituted voter suppression,” Nance said.

Raymond has also attempted to block a polling place at Winston-Salem State University and put armed sheriff deputies at polling places.

If that's not enough, Raymond has been working with Art Pope's Civitas Institute to have Forsyth County Elections Director Rob Coffman fired. Coffman had worked against Raymond's extremist proposals and was fired a month ago.

Citizens of Forsyth cannot have confidence in free, fair, and open elections with someone like this calling the shots. Raymond must go.