Still Waiting for Burr's Reply / Spotlight On His Rape Vote Continues in HuffPo Article

Update: Still waiting to hear from Senator Burr in response to my 10/19 letter requesting an explanation of his vote against the Franken amendment. Meanwhile, it seems as if this issue will not die for Burr. See the following article at today's Huffington Post by Lawrence Lessig who refers to a poll taken recently in NC on the issue and how many state voters support the Franken amendment. Check out Lessig’s group (Change Congress) petition to Sen. Burr, admonishing him for failing to represent his constituents.

Below is an excerpt:

Plain Sight Corruption: Senator Burr and Rape Victims

… Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) is one of the senators who voted with his special interest contributors and against victims such as Jamie Leigh Jones. He is also one of the senators, as we have now shown with a poll that we commissioned in North Carolina, who voted against the views of the overwhelming majority of his own constituents. 74% of North Carolinians support the Franken Amendment — including a majority of both Republicans and Democrats.
So why did Burr vote against the views of his constituents?
When we told those participating in our commissioned poll that Burr had taken over $700,000 from defense contractors and the Chamber of Commerce, a majority then believed that they knew why he did what he did. 47% believed he voted the way he voted "because of the money" compared with just 34% who believed he voted the way he did because he thought it was right. A clear majority, moreover, believed the contributions "hurt his judgment" (52%). Add the facts about money, and for most, the puzzle of Burr's behavior became clear. ....

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