Strategic Allied Consulting morphs into Issue Advocacy Partners

Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm hired and fired by the RNC for voter registation and GOTV efforts in North Carolina and other battleground states has quickly morphed into another entity called Issue Advocacy Partners operating similarly in at least Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, New York and New Jersey according to a review of nationwide job listings.

BlueNC first made the connection between Strategic Allied Consulting and a company owned by Romney consultant Nathan Sproul of Tempe, AZ, back in August after the company was found to be operating in North Carolina. When fraudulent voter registrations associated with Strategic Allied Consulting popped up in Palm Beach last week the Florida GOP fired the firm and the operation quickly unravelled. Postings by Brad Friedman of BradBlog and Lee Fang of The Nation spotlighted the growing debacle and Nathan Sproul's history of association with questionable voter registration. Mark Binker of WRAL investigated GOP efforts in NC reporting that the firm had also been fired by NCGOP. All credited BlueNC with helping make the connection to Sproul.

The RNC followed FLGOP and NCGOP in firing Strategic Allied Consulting and within days GOP voter registration efforts in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, and Nevada were halted. Since then the scandal has widened to voter registrations in multiple Florida counties sparking a criminal investigation by Florida's department of Law Enforcement. Questionable registrations associated with Strategic Allied Consulting have surfaced in Nevada and North Carolina. While Nevada is dragging its feet, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Virginia are all reviewing registration forms submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting.

Yet Nathan Sproul hardly seems to have missed a beat. Just as the scandal hit the national mainstream media with a report by Michael Isikoff at NBC, similar ads were being posted in other states, namely Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, New York and New Jersey, for almost identical jobs with another enitity, Issue Advocacy Partners. Some of the listings are connected directly to Sproul's Lincoln Strategy Group. Others use Sproul's Tempe, AZ, business address for contact information. None Some of the ads specifically mention voter registration but do use terms like "seeking to hire grassroots canvassers to identify conservative voters", "voter recruiter", "conservative voter identification", "voter ID", " identify conservative voters". Many of the postings use an email address with the domain The website located at has an appearance that is almost identical to that of the original

It ain't over 'til it's over.

Update #1, 10/7:
A job posting by IAP on 9/26, since removed, specifically mentions voter registration:

Issue Advocacy Partners is a conservative organization working to register voters as well as remind voters to vote conservatively in the upcoming election.

Update #2, 10/10:
Based on a tip from a reader below, it appears that Issue Advocacy Partners has surfaced in Mobile, AL on Craigslist: Household surveyors wanted (Mobile) and in Augusta, GA on Craigslist: Household researchers needed (Augusta). Nothing in the ads hint at the political nature of the jobs. The contact email is

Update #3, 10/11:
Issue Advocacy Partners has surfaced in Baton Rouge, LA on Craigslist: Market researchers wanted (Baton Rouge). Also in various swing states job listings continue for the same kinds of Republican outreach jobs in ads placed by Penmac Staffing, Marathon Staffing and PinPoint Staffing. PinPoint was the conduit for hiring of a Strategic Allied Consulting employee in Florida suspected of registration fraud.


Ref:Screenshots below:


Good catch

And I find it disgusting that the mainstream media is taking a powder over this, especially after the demonization of ACORN.

Thanks, Greg.

A new GOP move

Privatization of corruption

They're hiring canvassers in GA

I just came across an ad in our local Craig's List. I didn't know what the job was for and tried looking them up and it brought me here.


Thanks. Just found them advertising in Mobile, AL and Augusta, GA for "Household surveyors" and "Household researchers". What a bunch of flim-flam artists.

Sproul and Pinpoint

Pinpoint has just emerged as the employer in the Harrisonburg, VA destruction of Democratic registrations. The Rockingham County sheriff has made an arrest.