Sunday Open Shred

So what's on your mind today?


McCain's Roommates

Hat tip to Brunette! Thanks for the funnies!

A day of silly worries

I hate it when this happens.

Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

trying to chill out today and just relax.

But I feel like I'm a jumping bean or something. Short attention span - nerves shot. I need a 7 day weekend.

Trying to adjust to being a statistic.

A little over a week ago I was laid off from my job of over eighteen years. Needless to say, I've been pretty spaced-out, and knowing there are tens of thousands of other North Carolinians who have shared/are sharing this experience ain't helping much.


Really sorry to hear that.

Thanks, Greg


Damn, I'm sorry Steve

That totally sucks. Totally.


Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

Thanks, James

The ironic part is: I've worked so hard over the last five years (or so) to keep the company's head above water, and it's somewhere between probable and likely that my efforts kept us going as long as we did.

So now I'm faced with the realization that, had I not worked so hard for so long, I would already be five years down another career path, instead of trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to do. But how successful would I be in the new career if I wasn't willing to work so hard?

It's very confusing.

The social compact between employers and employees

feels badly broken, in my view. Not in all companies, but in many. At least you have karma on your side ... which doesn't pay the rent, of course. I wonder how much money your hard work contributed to executive compensation?

I don't want to be naive about this. When I was a CEO, we had to make lay-offs once. Eight people had to leave because we lost a big client all of a sudden. It was the second hardest thing I've ever done.

(The hardest is watching my sweet and wonderful daughter go off into the world.)


Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.

I'm sorry Steve.

Our household has been impacted with a full time job loss for more than a year now. Life goes on in spite of it but loss is loss no matter what form it comes in and grieving it is an important element to moving past it.

You are obviously a talented man and talent is portable thank goodness. I hope you will find a great job in a 21st century green economy that will satisfy your needs.

You have fans here, you know!

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

Thanks :)

I would love to pursue a career in a green field, but considering my lack of an engineering background, it may actually be a green field where I end up. ;/

But hey! I can drive a tractor! Well, I'm assuming I can drive a tractor...

Oh Steve!

That truly sucks.

I really hope that this turns into an open window instead of a closed door. I know. That's a cliche. But I do hope that.

I just hope that window's

not on the 5th floor. ;o>-

Maybe there'll be an //////// (that's supposed to be an awning)

Do you happen to speak Spanish?

I have an opening for a spanish speaking individual. . .

I can barely speak English...

I actually took two semesters of Spanish back in high school, but only a few of the words stuck that seemed important at the time. Like:

¿es ella su hermana? (is she your sister?)

And...a few other things that I shant reveal here. ;)

All I can say is:

Lo siento. No Hablo espanol.

(I'm sorry. I don't speak spanish.)

The reason we're looking for a spanish speaker, preferably a native spanish speaker who also reads and writes english well is that in our service area (Anson, Hoke, Montgomery, Moore, and Richmond Counties), there are more and more Spanish speaking families who need child care, and more and more Spanish speaking individuals (women, mostly) who are providing that care. We want to be sure that the women providing the care have access to as much training and resources as we can give them, and that the parents, many of whom never heard of out of home child care before, have the awareness and skills to ask for what their children need.

So if this sounds like a help wanted ad, it is. If anybody knows somebody who might fit this bill, please pm me. Thanks!

Just a thought...

You might consider checking with some of the wives organizations at Ft. Bragg. I had several friends in SOCOM and the 7th Gp who married girls they had met in Central and South America, and most of the ones I met spoke pretty good English.

We've advertised in the Fayetteville Observer

And we're networking over there. Hopefully that will bear fruit. It's really important. Thanks for the idea of talking directly to the command.

Steve, I'm sorry

That really stinks, but your hard work maybe kept some other folks working long enough that they can qualify for unemployment or it kept someone working and providing insurance for their family or it kept someone working long enough that they gained the work experience they will need to get that next job. Looking at it that way, Steve, you're a hero. :D

Karma can suck, but it can also be a wonderful thing. Hang in there. Lots of good thoughts headed your way.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks, Betsy

Part of me knows it wasn't a wasted effort. And I think a few of those things actually did happen...

With all of the techie work going on here -

I've been reading a lot of bloggers from places I bookmark but don't have time to visit. I came across this extremely well written piece by TerranceDC at Pam's House Blend called Yours,Mine, and Ours (part 1) Consider this a cross recommendation - it's fantastic. I am happily anticipating the 2nd part.