Surely It's Just a Coincidence, Right Tim?

Mountain Xpress obtained emails that show that Reps. Tim Moffitt and Nathan Ramsey have had some interesting conversations with Asheville officials.

You'll recall that Moffitt and Ramsey stole Asheville's water system, and the City of Asheville sued.

Well it now turns out that Moffitt and Ramsey are telling the officials in Asheville that they sure would appreciate it if the City would drop that lawsuit (nothing surprising or inappropriate about that).

The interesting part, though, is that they seem to frequently mention some other bills that just might or might not get enacted, right around the same time that they mention how much they'd appreciate it if the City would drop that lawsuit.

Surely it's just a coincidence, right? Or could it actually be something more -- as Asheville's Vice Mayor says:

the city is being "told to settle the lawsuit or else" face more unwanted legislation.

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