Tainted PAC Money on the Back of Electric City Rate Payers

The following legislators accepted PAC money from ElectriCities when their constituents are being hit with HUGE RATE increases. They need to stand up and return the money or they appear to be supporting an overspending CEO who has botched refinancing of rates on $5 BILLION in debt costing us millions each month. Do the right thing and return the money as a gesture that you do not support the personal greed that has led to ridiculous salaries and mismanagement.

It does appear that Board Members ceased giving to the PAC at the end of 2007 and many staff people (even though they got GIGANTIC raises and salaries) lowered their contributions. Don't see where the big spender CEO Tilton gave in 2008 yet though. He prefers to keep his money I guess and just direct everyone else as to what to do.

Dan Blue - D
Hugh Holloman - D
Martin Nesbitt - D
Rock Glazier - D
Tony Rand - D
David Hoyle - D
Fred Steen - R
Joe Hackney - D
Karen Ray - R
Mark Basnight - D
Bill Owens - D
Phil Berger - R

Jeff Barnhart - R
Laura Wiley - R
David Weinstein - D
Edgar Starnes - R
Larry Shaw - D
Jim Harrell - D
Katie Dorsett - D
Bill Purcell - D


Tainted ElectriCities PAC Money, Tainted ElectriCities

There needs to be new management at CEO. During the twelve years Jesse Tilton has been there, things have worsened to the point where we are now. Legal settlements on top of legal settlements. The same people causing them and then sitting around. It is time they are exposed. Then one of the people turns around and has an EEOC clain filed on her so now we can watch more legal bills mount. Someone told me there was $500,000 in lobbyists for 15 of them where 5 used to get the job done, and in a year with no issues, sort of sounds like people are getting paid off to be quiet. No offense to Ken Melton but he comes in and leaves three months later to start his own firm, then his only client is ElectriCities. Something does not add up. This is a guy willing to do anything to get out. The rest of the crew is just about as inexperienced as you can get so I guess it takes more when the more aint qualified. $500,000 in legal bills, $500,000 in settlements. The costs are adding up. $500,000 for Jesse Tilton. Then this refinance debacle costing millions of dollars. People in cities could easily save 5-6% on their rates just by getting rid of the rifraf at this place.

I have talked to 40 legislators and have yet to find one who likes Jesse Tilton.

ElectriCities - Mismanagement

We have sent letters to the legislators receiving the PAC money from ElectriCities. We will watch Richard Morgan's campaign to see if he gets anything. Drew Saunders lost his bid in Huntersville and one aspect was his association with the ElectriCities lobbyist where he admitted calling to get her raises and promotions. Interference with a lobbyist cost him his seat. Richard Morgan has been wined and dined on ElectriCities tab for years, even when he left office. And there is a riveting tape of him at their Annual Meeting in 2003 going on and on and on about their lobbyist with whom he shares a close relationship. Ed Kennedy on Katys Conservative Corner has written about it and knows more than I.

Will report on the answers we get. We have also written Ken Raber and Sam Noble with questions for the rate meeting.

Anyone who can please help us verify the Rate Committee meeting. It is a public meeting but there appears to be monkey business with it.

Ken.Raber@electricities.com or Sam.Noble@tarboro-nc.com or call Ken Raber at 1-800-768-767 extension 6218

Contact with Elaine Williamson the secretary of the Board produces no results. Some have asked to be put on the list for notifications, minutes, etc. and get nothing. You may recall this is the person who "forgot" to book the rooms at their beach party/annual meeting and caused a major cost increase when they had to move people around to new hotels.

I think everyone believes Ken Raber and Sam Noble will not lie about meeting dates, etc.

Al Manning, retiree, native of eastern NC and proud of it, plenty of time to read, research and get annoyed about the lack of accountability in elected leaders these days.

Al Manning, retiree, native of eastern NC and proud of it, plenty of time to read, research and get annoyed about the lack of accountability in elected leaders these days. Married to a real southern lady and we live with two labs and two airedales who run