Tar Heel Tavern XL

The Tar Heel Tavern is a showcase for North Carolina bloggers. This week, it's also something to read during the Superbowl that there's no real point in watching now anyway. We've got low-quantity/high-quality today at the Tavern, so I'll get right to the good stuff.

Nothing Could Be Finer: "Fighting Prostitution in Charlotte: 'Like squeezing a balloon...'" — It makes sense: you crack down in prostitution in one neighborhood, and you can expect to see the business move to nearby areas. This concept escaped the Charlotte City Council, though, so blogger Cicero has taken the time to document the results. My favorite part is the quote from Police Capt. John Diggs, discussing the possibility that sex workers will just move down the street: "We're hoping that this will inspire a lifestyle change on their part." Good plan, John.

2sides2ron: Church and Tax Exemption & Follow-up on the Church and NC Marriage Amendment — Traveling through Wilmington, Ron found a church advocating for an NC Marriage Amendment (I don't need to tell you how to translate that, right?). Over the course of these two posts, he tries to get to the bottom of just how far churches can go in advocating political change before they lose their tax exempt status. I'd love to hear from a tax lawyer on this; it sounds like this particular church is taking things too far.

Scrutiny Hooligans: Republican War on the Poor - Transylvania County, North Carolina Edition — I'd somehow missed Scrutiny Hooligans in my blog travels to this point, but this evocative look into life in poor, rural, Transylvania County was enough to make me a regular reader. After you check out this post, spend some time reading back posts on this site. Also, check out associated Blog Asheville's post on Drinking Liberally: "If you daily find yourself alternating between screaming at the television and turning off every electronic device in order to find a minute's peace in George Bush's America, then it's time you stopped being a victim and started Drinking Liberally." Indeed. Did you know that there are six Drinking Liberally groups in NC? You do now.

Fixin' Healthcare: The Lifestyle Chronicles - Human Capital — Marcus Newberry's blog focuses on what's wrong with healthcare today, and what can be done about it. This post describes a taxonomy of qualities that a healthy, productive member of society should exhibit. The post also introduces the Lifestyle Chronicles, which "will explore the crucial stages in the development of human capital and propose mechanisms to establish healthy lifestyle."

Billy the Blogging Poet: Help With Logophilia — This post is about logophilia. It's by a guy who suffers from logophilia. I'm not sure what to say about it besides "logophilia." You'll need to check it out for yourself.

That's it! If you're a North Carolina blogger and you want to participate in future Taverns, leave a comment and I'll pass your info along.



Kind words...kind words...Thanks for hosting, Lance!

I'm worried about our little tavern...it keeps getting littler and littler. When I hosted back in July, there were 15 submissions. When I hosted in January there were only 8 (plus the four I threw in there pimping my own action). And today!?! 6.


Halloo, Taverners! Spread the word. I see that the incomparable Mandie is hosting next week. Make her work! There's too many of us whose work deserves broader recognition, and a good carnival showing is a way to keep doing that.

I'm going to pimp the THT on BlogAsheville, so don't be surprised if these mountains are dominating the next gathering!

Thanks again, Lance!