Tar Heel Tavern XL, uh, II

Being kind of a moron, I got it into my head yesterday afternoon that it was Saturday. The following THT submissions came in on time, but after I jumped the gun. Here's what I almost missed:

Captivated by Mandy answers that age-old burning question: is my dog a Silky Terrier? This is the kind of information that will blow people's minds when you break it out at a cocktail party. And I should point out that I believe that blowing people's minds at cocktail parties should be among any person's highest aspirations.

iddybud journal puts it to us succinctly and graphically. Undoubtedly, this is the best 10-second post out there this week.

Anyway, what day is it?

...slowly she turned wrote what has to be the week's most interesting, a short post that manages to tie together toxic tuna, bakery bugs, feebleminded felines, and Laverne & Shirley. Seriously.

Science and Politics points to research that confirms what I have often suspected: that for many people, political sentiments operate at a sub-rational level. That's why we're here, folks.


Thanks, Lance! You're

Thanks, Lance! You're letting us off the hook. Your email clearly told us to send in submissions by Sat. sunrise and I was very late. Thank you for including me anyway!