Texans for Taylor? I <3 Heath !


What do they have in common? Bob Perry and a new Republican 527 called Americans for Honesty on Issues that has popped up to run negative ads against 9 Democratic House candidates.  Some of the negative ads have already run in Iowa and Colorado.

The Strategy Group received $14,136.66 from Americans for Honesty on Issues for making a "Heart in Tennessee" ad production, date of disbursement 10/05/06 and Pathfinder Marketing received $114,454.00 for the "Cable/Broadcast Media Buy" for date of disbursement 9/29/06. The candidate listed is "Joseph Heath Shuler"

Candidates and titles of funded attack ads:

Bruce L Braley IA-01
"No Funds For Troops"

Edwin Permutter CO-07

Brad Ellsworth IN-08
"The Tarnished Badge"

Gabrielle Giffords AZ-08
"Path to Citizenship"

Baron P Hill IN-09

Patricia A Madrid NM-01

Heath Shuler NC-11
"Heart in Tennessee"

Kenneth Ray Lucas KY-04
"Six Years & Zip"

Joseph Simon Donnelly IN-02
"Tax Attack"

A NYTimes Article ran Wednesday about the new 527 group Americans for Honesty on Issues run by Sue Walden of Walden & Associates of Houston TX though the group has an Alexandria VA address.  The group plans to run ads against Democratic candidates nationwide. Walden has ties to Lay, DeLay and Bush and was an Enron lobbyist.

Not mentioned in the article is the fact that the sole donor, of $2 million, to Americans for Honesty on Issues listed in FEC records is Bob Perry of Houston TX, a major Republican donor (giving to Bush, DeLay and Texas Republican causes). He is the man behind Swiftboat vets. Expect this to be just as dirty.

While missing Perry's involvement in Americans for Dishonesty the Times article adds:

Among the most active Republican 527 groups is the Economic Freedom Fund, which was formed this year and received a $5 million contribution from Bob J. Perry, a major Bush donor and an underwriter of the Swift boat veterans group in 2004. The fund is running advertisements on behalf of Republican candidates in Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Oregon and West Virginia.

Perry is the sole backer of this new group also.  Read about it at The Patriot Project

The disbursements in FEC filings for "Americans for Honesty on Issues" list "The Strategy Group for Media", OH, for ad production and "Pathfinder Marketing", TX, for ad buys in amounts totalling $1,427,964.  Through Brian Berry the Strategy Group is connected with Citizens United originator of American Sovereignty Project and Citizens United for the Bush Agenda.

Bob Perry has been one of Tom DeLay's greatest benefactors. With DeLay's demise Texan domination of the House is less certain and Perry obviously wants to fill the abyss left by DeLay with equally abysmal Republicans like Charles Taylor in NC-11

Expect more pop-ups between now and November 7th.

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So, it's not going to be easy, eh?

Great post. All the more reason to keep working to get our voters to the polls!
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the Drama.

Bob Perry is a wealthier Ted Sampley


Well, I'd like to know just how much damage the ad campaign did. I guess it would just be fun to know that Mr. Perry is wasting his money.

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Sampley = Pope = Perry = Rove

Don't you jus' love algebra!

Bob Perry #1 Donor

This just in from PoliticalMoneyLine.

Bob Perry Funds Multiple Groups in 2006 Elections – Ranks as #1 Donor

Bob Perry’s donations to 2006 electioneering communication groups now totals $8 million. New reports have just added $3 million more in Perry donations to the $5 million in Perry donations we reported on 9/14. These new reports from two groups reporting electioneering communications in the 2006 election show that Bob Perry of Houston, Texas is their major donor. Americans for Honesty on Issues reported receiving $2 million, and the Free Enterprise Fund reported receiving $1 million. We reported earlier that Perry had donated $5 million to the Economic Freedom Fund ($2 million on 8/18 and $3 million on 9/5).

The Americans for Honesty on Issues reported that Bob J. Perry gave the group $2 million on September 1st. On the 29th of September the group paid $1,427,964 for electioneering communications on cable and broadcast stations relating to nine federal elections: Bruce Braley (IA-01) $159,572; Edwin Perlmutter (CO-07) $245,675; Brad Ellsworth (IN-08) $142,316; Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-08) $164,067; Baron Hill (IN-09) $97,041; Patricia Madrid (NM-01) $165,409; Joseph Heath Shuler (NC-11) $128,591; Kenneth Ray Lucas (KY-04) $209,223; and Joseph Simon Donnelly (IN-02) $116,073. Sum of dollars varies slightly from overall total due to rounding.

The Free Enterprise Fund reported raising $1,185,000 and spending $183,892 between 10/9 and 10/20. The major donor was $1 million from Robert Perry ($500,000 on 10/3 and $500,000 on 10/5). Other donors included D.C. Searle (IL) $150,000 on 10/6, and Thomas W. Smith $35,000 on 10/6. The group made electioneering communications relating to the elections of Jon Tetster ($124,330.87) and Ned Lamont ($59,562.85).

Besides the $8 million in donations to electioneering communication groups, Perry has also given $200,000 to the Republican Governors Assn ($100,000 on 2/10/06 and $100,000 on 6/13/06), and $150,000 to the Club for Growth ($100,000 on 8/23/05 and $50,000 on 5/20/05).

Orwell rolls...

Americans for Honesty on Issues, Economic Freedom Fund...up is down and war is peace. Sigh.

Conscious evolution, it's what turns me on. There's got to be a difference between right and wrong.-DTB

Paper (and 'puter) of Record

I've got to say a few nice words about the New York Times. The writer of the Times story responded to my email and pointed me to the PoliticalMoneyLine story. In addition the Times political blog The Caucus is tracking the mid-term elections closely and posts stories well before they get to the online or print edition. They had a post about this story at noon today: 527 Unmasked: Americans for Something and have reporters on the ground unlike our in-state MSM who rely on the Approximated Press.

Andy Bechtel, who teaches journalism at UNC-CH wrote this about a recent visit to the NY Times in his blog The Editor's Desk

I didn't see any news that wasn't fit to print, but I did see the desk that serves as the bridge between the print and online operations.

Several writer/editors work with reporters on updates of their stories for the Web site and on early Web versions that are later rewritten for the next day's print editions.

Makes me want to finally spring for that TimesSelect subscription.


My Christmas gift list is:

National Journal subscription
too many books to list
6 more hours added to the day so I can read them all.

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Beating back Perry

I think a video should be made that has each Dem candidate saying:

"Bob Perry, a man from Houston, Texas, created a 527 organization in Virginia, called 'Americans for Honesty on Issues'. He provided a donation of two million dollars and Sue Walden of Houston, Texas was put in charge.

She was an Enron lobbyist. Both she and Perry have previous ties to Tom Delay, who resigned as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives after being indicted for money laundering, tied to the Jack Abramoff scandals, admonished by the House Ethics Committee and criticized for inciting violence against judges.

When you see the ads they're running against me and eight other candidates in seven states, please remember who they are and ask yourself if you really believe these two Texans are really representative of 'Americans for Honesty on Issues'.

I think you, your family and neighbors, citizens of this state, can best judge my honesty and the words of my opponent. I'm sure you would never hand that power to Texas lobbyists connected to some pretty iffy characters.

You weren't born yesterday. Neither was I. I hope you'll judge me by my actual words and more importantly, by my eagerness to hear what your thoughts are. I don't know anything I can honestly say about lobbyists from Houston. But I sure know a lot about what's happening here."


American Street, where Americans talk

Beating back Perry

I just wish I had the funds to pay for that response ad. Go, Larry !


American Street, where Americans talk


American Street, where Americans talk

Taylor supporter to be fined?

This just in from politicalmoneyline.com

Section 527 Group Faces $1 Million Fine?
Americans For Honesty on Issues, an organization that registered as a Section 527 with the I.R.S. on August 28, has no third quarter disclosure report (through 9/30) or pre-election disclosure report (10/1 to 10/18) available to the public on the I.R.S. website as of noon today. The organization is believed to have received at least $3 million in receipts, with the sole known donor being Texan Bob Perry.

The organization reported to the FEC it raised $2 million and spent $1,427,964 on electioneering communications from 9/1 to 10/9. The only donor was Bob Perry ($2 million on 9/1). The group also reported to the FEC it raised $1 million and spent $369,778 on electioneering communications from 10/27 to 10/30. The only donor was Bob Perry ($1 million on 10/27).

This organization may become the poster example of how seriously the I.R.S. enforces its own filing and disclosure requirements. I.R.S. release IR-2004-110 states, “An organization that fails to timely report, fails to include all required information about contributions and disbursements, or that reports incorrect information is required to pay 35 percent of the amount related to the failure.”


I love the idea of the huge fine.

It won't even slow them down, though.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

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