Thank you, Alice Bordsen!

State Representative Alice Bordsen announced today that she will not be running again this fall. Bummer!

For the past decade Alice has been an effective progressive legislator from Alamance County who fought for reproductive rights. Too effective, apparently, for the Republicans who have redistricted her away from her constituency. Here's what she wrote to her supporters today:

To My Friends and Constituents:

By the end of the 2012 Legislative session, I will have represented Alamance County in the N.C. House of Representatives for a decade. It has been an honor and a privilege to have been sent by you, the voters of District 63, to speak for you at the state level over and over again.

On January 20, we learned that the appointed three-judge panel ruled, contrary to my expectations, that the filing period and the primary election dates for the 2012 election season will not be delayed. Filing for elective office will begin on February 13 despite the fact that legal challenges to the newly-drawn districts have not been heard.

After much thinking about the manner in which I can most effectively and energetically remain in the public arena while continuing to respect the needs and voices of Alamance County, I have decided that it is time to step aside and offer a clear path to other committed, ready, and eager candidates for the House. I will not be running for reelection to the N.C. House this year.

Please know that I have every intention of remaining in the public arena. This, especially, is an election where we must care deeply and we must work hard. We have truly reached a crossroads in our state and national life where, as caring citizens, we are obliged to step up and support good candidates. I will find my next role, but for now I intend to spend my energies supporting the issues I believe are critically important: our public education system, jobs that will carry our economy into the future, smart protection of our waters, air quality, and food production. We have good people in Alamance who care about these issues and who are prepared to offer their service as I have done over the past ten years. Let’s make sure they are encouraged to run and that they have the support to win.

I would conclude by thanking you for allowing me to represent Alamance County. I can honestly say that I consider each and every day I have served a true gift. Public service is never dull; it is always a challenge, a privilege and – most of all - an honor. And, when our clumsy and unwieldy system does click in and work as it was envisioned by those who designed it, it is an inspiration beyond description.

Thank you for allowing me that experience.


Sad news

Another great woman caught up in Republican gerrymandering.


So is the gerrymandering set in stone?

I hate to see this

Alice Bordsen made me somewhat proud to be from Alamance County. Or less embarassed, anyway.

There really is no doubt the GOP was specifically targeting women legislators in their redistricting. They couldn't stifle them via an honest debate, so they got rid of them by drawing lines on a map. Cowards.

Bad behavior and bad politics

Drawing women out of power isn't just wrong, it could also end up being bad politics.

The census data there, if I'm reading it right, shows that there are more females than males in North Carolina. And that compared to the national average, NC has a higher percentage of women than average. Furthermore, Alamance County has an even higher female to male ratio than on average for the state.

In a properly function democracy, stuff like this wouldn't be tolerated for long. Maybe we'll see a revolt at the polls this November. We've all got to do what we can to keep our democracy functioning properly.

Got to get the women out in Nov

We all should be mad as hell and get to the polls to show who really has the power. If only we'd seize it!