Thank you BlueNC 1,791 times over!

Thanks to you, our UNPRECEDENTED army of 1,791 volunteers, WE WON!

Chairman Chris Van Hollen today announced that Larry Kissell (NC-08) won the 2008 Mobilize for Change: A National Day of Action. Democratic Candidate Gary Peters (MI-09) won an honorable mention on the day when candidates across America bolstered their volunteer base to kicking off the last 100 days of their campaigns. Kissell has won a fundraising email that will be sent on his behalf to our list of three million supporters and activists.

Congratulations to Gary Peters, and all the Democratic challengers who mobilized volunteers last week to contact over a quarter million voters in just one day!

A total of 1,791 Kissell volunteers from all across the nation mobilized to contact voters in North Carolina's 8th District. Hundreds hit the streets and hundreds more hit the phone lines at to signal the 100-day mark to the November 4th election, more than doubling our winning efforts in the 2006 Day of Action competition. That signals that one of the closest rematches in America just got even closer, and we're just getting started. This week happens to also be the anniversary of the first $1.22 gas event our campaign pioneered in 2006, and as reported in today's Fayetteville Observer, we've continued to learn and build on that nearly successful 2006 campaign.

For those of you as proud of those 1,791 volunteers getting us that much closer to November victory as I am, please honor their efforts with a contribution of as little as $17.91 (just a penny per volunteer), that will be matched many, many times over by DCCC donors. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do to send one of us to Washington, with a very special thanks to the Young Democrats of North Carolina and North Carolina Senior Democrats who both had huge numbers of volunteers helping out from their conventions.

Please help spread the word, repost this video, volunteer, donate and get the T-shirt to help put our campaign over the finish line. We're off to a great winning start thanks to YOU!


Congratulations, Larry

to yourself and all 1,791 volunteers that made this happen! It couldn't have happened to a better candidate or for a district that needs as much help as the citizens can get.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Yay for Larry's team!

You all are amazing!

Congrats, Larry!

You and your team are doing a fab job that will take us to victory in November.

NCDem Amy on YouTube

Go Larry

our local Obama Convention Delegate asked me to write some postcards for Larry!

I feel like Larry Kissell is one of the most exciting races and candidates of the year.