Thank you, James

James, I just wanted to commend you for your efforts to maintain the integrity of BlueNC as an open blog which offers the public the opportunity to express their thoughtful positions on matters affecting North Carolina politics in an honest and respectful environment. It is refreshing to see a blog that encourages diverse opinions, insists on the facts and disallows “intolerably obnoxious” behavior. This past week, you and the legitimate blog followers were challenged by the relentless banter and lack of transparency of several presumed corporate sock puppets on the Yadkin hydropower license issue. You wisely recognized the situation and responded accordingly.

On behalf of your many readers, thank you for upholding the character of BlueNC.


I don't know if this is serious or not

There have been so many sock puppets around lately, I don't know whether this is serious or not. If it is, thanks. If not, well, good show! These days, my sarcasm meter is not very reliable.

Tangled Web

Ginny Dunn forgot to mention she is a consultant to Central Park NC. Central Park NC benefits financially from Uwharrie Capital Corp and Bank of Stanly. Roger Dick, CEO of Uwharrie Capital and Bank of Stanly, unofficial CEO of Alcoa takeover, is Vice Chair of Central Park Board of Directors.

People who live in glass houses …………….


Dear Amy Kluttz (not verified), you may or may not be Amy Kluttz, and GinnyD may or may not be GinnyD, so you make quite a leap to asserting that GinnyD is not only GinnyD, but that GinnyD, who may or may not be Ginny Dunn, is Ginny Dunn. Maybe you're the wacko in Salisbury who's obsessed with Susan Kluttz and paranoid about gay people. We don't know, but we do know that you're obsessed enough with one person to jump and bark when you see a similar name.