There's a lot of killin' going on

I don't know if you have been following the debate on the floor of the House, but I've noticed a trend with the last two committees given time to speak. The Republicans of (I think Ways and Means) screamed and yelled about it being a freedom killin', job killin' bill. This latest group is chanting the mantra of "government takeover." They are also enjoying the scare tactic of telling people they will be jailed under this bill if they don't follow the rules.

I couldn't be in front of the teevee screen today as my daughters felt the need to stimulate the economy - though it came in the form of purchasing things they need for school. Ems will probably charge me with torture as we've been watching the debate for a few hours now. At some point, I'm sure she will head upstairs and leave me to scream at these people in this box.

The Republicans sound like broken records. Not one of them has anything fresh or informative to say.

CSPAN keeps flashing on the screen that the vote for the Stupak amendment is coming up, but it is hard to say how much longer that will take.

Stay tuned.


I'm confused,

I thought you were opposed to this bill.

Cutting Medicare Advantage has always been part of

the deal. A lot of us would like to see Medicare Advantage go away completely.

These plans, created in the late 1980s, became increasingly popular as insurers in some areas offered seniors more benefits than the traditional Medicare program run by the government. But the plans on average cost more than traditional Medicare, and the Obama Administration and congressional Democrats want to curtail spending and use the savings to help cover the uninsured.

So you can see why they cover more than "regular old Medicare". The cost simply isn't sustainable. Part of the savings from this is going to close the donut hole.

I understand that

I was never making a value judgment about Medicare Advantage. I was simply presenting the argument that there will be people who lose services and/or products if/when Medicare Advantage is reduced or eliminated. It has already started happening after the 4% reduction this spring. The other thread was more of an "is not, is too" argument - not an "it's a good thing, it's a bad thing" argument.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.