Think Locally

I know a few baseball fans who would rather catch a game in Durham than in Atlanta or Boston any day. Me, I like college football better than pro; you don't get to see the same level of play, but you do see players taking crazy chances that sometimes pay off. And as much fun as national politics can be, you'll never hear of a handwritten note like this one from a Beltway insider:

“I will not be a candidate for the District 6 Senate seat or any other elected office in 2006.

“As much as I enjoyed representing the fine citizens of Senate District 6, that joy is tempered by the embarrassment I still feel from running such a negative and shameful campaign. In so doing I maligned not only my opponent but also the entire automobile industry. That was not only wrong but foolishly wrong. My campaign disappointed many who had known me my entire life, and that has placed upon my shoulders a burden that as yet has not been lifted. Very frankly, I still do not feel good enough about myself to file.

“With sincere apologies to all, I think I feel better already.”

The Daily News, Jacksonville NC

The whole column is worth a read.


Be still my fluttering heart!

A politition with a heart! Wow, what an oximoron! God bless that man. Just one more proof that Machiavelli was wrong! "The ends DO NOT justify the means." The word is ethics. The world needs more ethical people.