Thom Tillis, NC Speaker of the House, says liberal blogs are "like road kill"

The world according to Thom Tillis, Tea Party Republican Speaker of the North Carolina House.

Tomorrow will be the last day I receive the Charlotte Observer at home after nearly 14 years. I decided if the Charlotte Observer is going to reduce itself to being a liberal blog, I'll just read it online like I do ProgressNC, BlueNC, and the like. They are all kind of like road kill. You try not to look at, you do anyway, then you regret it.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. You've just described how citizens of North Carolina feel everyday watching your ongoing perversion of democracy. Good on reporter Mark Binker of the Greensboro News Record for calling out your revisionist bullshit.

Tillis played hard ball and his team won. Good on him. But if he's going to play rough and tumble, shouldn't expect a bit of push back? The game was played in the middle of the night and sausage making doesn’t look all that nice when people lay it out in the sunshine. To use a management aphorism that Tillis might appreciate, if you think the news output stinks, consider the input with which we were working.

Consider the input indeed, Mr. Speaker. And if you don't understand that it stinks ... you're either a psychopath or a self-deluding liar. Which is it?


Speaking for myself....

... I could not be prouder that Tillis singled out Progress NC. He should be reading us -- we're talking truthfully to his constituents and, unhappily for Tillis, many of them are listening.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

I felt the same way

when he mentioned Progress NC, BlueNC and the Charlotte Observer in the same breath.

Bottom line: Thom Tillis is supposed to work for us - and for every other citizen of North Carolina. Most responsible employees don't call their bosses "road kill."

John Robinson is pissed

As well he should be.

The Speaker of the NC House calling a major, taxpaying corporation "roadkill?" I'm pissed too. BlueNC is a North Carolina business, and NO North Carolina business should be called "roadkill" by any elected official.

I'll let you know when Tillis apologizes. Of course, I'm likely to be dead by then.


PS And for the person who emailed to say I'm the one who should be apologizing to Tillis, here's my response: I haven't once used the force of government to wreck communities and undermine the integrity of public institutions. Tillis does exactly that almost every time he opens his mouth.

Nice endorsement

I think you should use this as a byline with the bluenc logo on top of the site:
"I'll just read it online like I do BlueNC" - Thom Tillis, Republican Speaker of the NC House

Binker got it wrong

I didn't play hardball and win. I cheated and won. At least temporarily. Everyone knows my "victory" will be overturned in court. And you suckers will pay for it.

Your friend,


P.S. I am not really Thom Tillis. The real Thom Tillis doesn't have the guts to show up here.

"Everybody" ???

One slight correction to your diatribe on Tillis.... You say "EVERYBODY thinks you are wrong". Since I don't think that, I'm calling you on that collective noun. There may be a few other "people like me" out here. I'm sure the vast majority of your regular readers must be the "everybody" you refer to. Interesting concept of a universe.
I do appreciate you playing true to the stereotype of Liberals being myopically arrogant in their POVs.

Good point General.

I don't understand the uproar myself. Does the state government have the right to automatically deduct dues for special interest groups from the state employees? I don't agree with that at all. Should the state deduct church offerings and membership fees to the NRA as well? This is not a proper role for government. It sets up a conflict of interest of public sector unions working against the taxpayers. In other words, special interest groups being facilitated by our state government. This is not an appropriate role.

You don't understand because you choose not to.

Does the state government have the right to automatically deduct dues for special interest groups from the state employees?

Yes, it does. In fact, it still does. This bill just takes away the right of the NCAE to be a part of those numerous other groups -- from right to left on the political spectrum.

That viewpoint discrimination is why this law is wrong, why it was vetoed and why it is unconstitutional.


I don't think it is right to do so.

Let's make it fair and say that no group should have automatic deductions from their state paychecks. The employees should do this themselves and keep the government out of that business.

This is a conflict of interest for the State to be doing this. It would place the state as endorsing a special interest over others.

By statute

The statute that allows automatic deduction of various voluntary contributions elected by employees is: 143B‑426.40A. Assignments of claims against State. (As of writing it had not been changed to reflect the bill language).

Though not listed there are also allowable deductions for health insurance (medical and flex), parking fees, deferred compensation plans. Through the State Employees Combined Campaign deductions can be made for many politically active organizations as varied as the NC Family Policy Council and the ACLU.

For the umpteenth time, NCAE is not a union, and the statute will still say:

An authorization under this subsection shall remain in effect until revoked by the employee. A plan of payroll deductions pursuant to this subsection for employees of the State and other association members shall become void if the employees' association engages in collective bargaining with the State, any political subdivision of the State, or any local school administrative unit.