Thomas Goolsby's strange obsession with transvaginal ultrasound

If you want North Carolina to be a safer place for women,
please make an online contribution to Deb Butler for NC Senate.
By helping get Goolsby out of the General Assembly,
you'll be doing women everywhere a favor.



Any contribution you can send will make a difference. Women in Goolsby's district need to understand just how creepy the guy really is.


Will someone provide the legislation for the topic of the video, please?

Here you go:

SL2011-0405 Women's Right To Know Act. Which includes:

...the physician who is to perform the abortion, or qualified technician working in conjunction with the physician, shall do each of the following:

(1) Perform an obstetric real‑time view of the unborn child on the pregnant woman.

(3) Display the images so that the pregnant woman may view them.

(5) Obtain a written certification from the woman, before the abortion, that the requirements of this section have been complied with, which shall indicate whether or not she availed herself of the opportunity to view the image.

And here's Goolsby's Orwellian thumb's up:

“The Woman’s Right to Know Act ensures a fully-educated choice than with the current system, which allows women to be pressured into traumatic, split-second decisions,” Goolsby said. “This is a victory for women, a victory for unborn children, and a victory for the state.”

That's some loopy stuff right there.


He didn't pass this legislation all alone.....There are a lot of folks who share responsibility for that video...

That's true

And I would love to see this issue brought up by the Dem candidates in every race, at least in the ones where the GOP member was an outspoken supporter of this draconian and misogynistic piece of crap.

But in this particular race, the issue is relevant, even if the other culprits aren't held accountable.