Those burdensome regulations

"We have got to get rid of these burdensome regulations!" screams the NC GOP.

And they've already repealed lots of regulations that kept people safe and the environment protected.

Their corporate overlords don't like anything that gets in the way of unfettered profits, especially regulations that require basic fairness, ethical behavior and human decency.

Those corporate overlords finance the NC GOP re-election campaigns. But some of these new businesses, such as Uber and Lyft, haven't contributed a dime to the campaigns of the "small government" hypocrites of the NC GOP.

Therefore, these new businesses such as Uber and Lyft need to be regulated. The NC GOP expects to regulate their brains out.

It's time to repeal those burdensome regulations on Duke Power, payday lenders and pollution profiteers. And impose some pretty damn punitive regulations on these Internet innovator weirdos.

At least until such time as the UberLyftairbnb crowd starts ponying up some serious campaign cash.