The Three Stooges

The Dunn Daily Record has the story:

"We need to unite and elect a governor," said Andy Lancaster of Garner, who introduced Mr. Graham. "Bill Graham has helped conservative candidates and been a part of real grassroots efforts. He is a family man, a Christian man and has strong beliefs."

"The people want someone who will solve their problems," Mr. Graham said. "Our taxes are too high and we have inadequate health coverage. We don't have good school or economic development systems."

Mr. Graham also said the state public school system needs reform. "One-third of the students in our high schools across the state won't graduate," he said. "We need more discipline in the classrooms and we need to train our students in trades that are needed in our economy."

The people want someone who solve their problems?
You gotta be kidding me. That's what the voters in the Party of Greed really want? I thought they wanted government to butt out and leave them alone. Sounds like Graham is having a fair bit of schizophrenia about which political philosophy he should be wearing this week. And for a guy who hates government and taxes, he sure has a big shopping list for ways to spend public money: health coverage, better schools, economic development. What's most remarkable is that the Republicans listening to his full-of-crap speech him probably applauded with every promise he made.

Not to be outdone, SpongeBob Orr took the stage, again calling for the big, bad gummint to do all sort of things that Republicans are supposed to hate:

"This is a great opportunity, a great challenge," Judge Orr said. "We can't be the party of the 30-second sound bite. We need to broaden our appeal by pushing for education reform and economic development. We need to demonstrate how we can recruit and support small business."

And finally, the mouthpiece for Fred Smith made me do a double take when he announced that the Asphalt King is really a farmer!

Speaking for Sen. Smith, spokesman Jonathan Hill said, "The No. 1 industry in North Carolina is agriculture. As a farmer, Fred Smith understands agriculture. He has created 700 jobs at two companies and has worked for lower taxes, through the Tax Protection Act, and family values through the Defense of Marriage Act."

A farmer? Imagine that! I thought Fredly was a bill collector turned paving contractor turned golf course developer turned slopper at the public trough . . . and come to find out he was a farmer all along? I can't help wondering where the hell he's been for the past six month while his brethren in farming were fighting the OLF in Washington County.


Not satisfied with being pandered to by the Three Stooges, the Party of Greed delegates couldn't resist one last gasp of delusional thinking.

Delegates also approved resolutions supporting the Litter Reduction Act of 2007, the creation of an independent redistricting commission and a resolution condemning U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's recent public statement that the war in Iraq is lost.

What a bunch of tools, condemning the only person in Washington with the backbone to call a spade a spade. Bush's war in Iraq IS lost, and it's about time Republican patriots who talk a big game about supporting the troops got that through their thick skulls.


And This Makes Him Qualified How?

He is a family man, a Christian man and has strong beliefs."

David Koresh had the same attributes but I wouldn't have wanted him for Governor, either.

Great comment.

The only thing Bill Graham has done of note in North Carolina is scam a bunch of anti-tax Republicans into thinking that a rich guy spending millions to promote his candidacy is somehow equal to "grass roots activism."

But the good thing is this: Graham will flush a boatload of money on a losing primary, and in doing so, deplete the coffers of the Asphalt King and Sponge Bob.

I am more conservative than you are! No you are not?

Two of the announced GOP gubernatorial candidates, Dunn native Bill Graham and retired state Supreme Court Judge Robert Orr, also attended the convention. State Sen. Fred Smith, who was appearing in Wilkes County, sent a representative.* Dunn Daily

Sample Text of reported speeches by candiates

Billy Boy: I am more conservative than you are Fred. I read the bible everyday, suck on that Fred!

Fred's Stand In: That's cheap shot Billy! Does your father the Rev Billy Graham know that you are a former democrat heathen donkey worshiper?

Sponge Bob: Knock it off you conservative hypocrites. I want every 24/7 store to have a refund system in place when I am elected in 2008 for lottery tickets to save small business in this state.

Billy Boy: Shut up Sponge Bob! Why don't get a real job instead of living off Art Pope!

Fred Stand IN: Yeah Sponge Bob! Fred is a General in the National Guard and has fought off 3 hurricanes in Farmville for the past 10 years. The Lord told him to do it along with George Bush. Don't you say anything about General Fred war record you free loader!

Sponge Bob: That's lie Fred Stand In! Brother Pat Robertson sent those hurricanes in to kill all of the Gays in Farmville for sinning you religious war mongering fool!

Billy Bob: He did not Sponge Bob! It was my Father the Rev Billy Graham that did it! Stop lying about my father Sponge Bob and Fred Stand In! Why are you wearing that Ronald MacDonald suit?

Sponge Bob: Wait a minute Billy Boy! I thought you said the Rev Graham was not your father?

Billy Bob: So what! That proves you are so stupid that you will believe anything that somebody tell you. Like Art Pope!

Follow my finger Curley?

Seems pretty close to reality, Max.* A

Let's face it A! Reality is not their strong point in life. More like you had it at first....Moe, Curley, and the other stooge George Bush......WWWWWWWeeeeee follow the republican butterfly Curley.....Pow! Slap! Bong!