TigerSwan: Mercenaries move to Apex

From the Fayetteville Observer and from their press release:

James Reese, a retired Army special operations soldier, has been named chief executive officer of TigerSwan Inc. of Apex. The comprehensive security solutions company was founded by veterans of Delta Force. Reese will be responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the company. He was recently a vice president with Blackwater Worldwide, where he ran a high-threat security program in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Another war-profiteering patriot slopping at the public trough?

About TigerSwan

TigerSwan offers a full spectrum of management and technical solutions across a wide range of functional and program areas.

For those of you not well-versed in the lingo, that's Blackwater doublespeak for "mercenaries." Welcome to my neighborhood, Mr. Reese. Just remember, every dollar your company sucks from the US defense budget is one less dollar going to provide our troops with the equipment and training they need.


More on Reese

What a guy.

One of the people who’s brought in private security companies is a powerful businessman by the name of James Reese. He lives in the wealthy, elite, gated community of Audubon Place. They have the only privately owned street in the city of New Orleans. Well, he brought in a company called Instinctive Shooting International, which is an Israeli firm, and it’s actually owned and operated by a guy who lives in New Jersey and has had contracts to train New York City police officers, but he is an Israeli martial arts expert.
He serves in Mayor Ray Nagin’s administration. He also runs a powerful business lobby, and Naomi has talked about him as well. He also was quoted openly in the Wall Street Journal saying he doesn’t want black people or poor people to return to New Orleans.

welcome indeed

Gosh, at least Erik Prince set up his headqurters in the middle of nowhere. These fools headquartered in our backyard. Say 'NIMBY' Mr. Reese. We're going to become your worst nightmare. Erik Price's headache will now be shared with you. We've identified your training facility in Linden Mr. Reese. Maybe we'll pay you a surprise visit like we did at Blackwater!

Visit Academi Watch (aka Blackwater Watch) at http://academiwatch.com

It would seem that a field trip is in our librul

future in order to see the operations of TiggerSmarm. Perhaps they can find a way to make sure I get from Apex to Sanford each day without being accosted by asshole drivers on Hwy 1 (an escort that shoestrings the NC Hwy. Patrol would be a good start). That might allow me to buy into their ways and means and give them a good citizen merit badge of Peace and Humane Cognition.

I know my fellow car-pool riders will be no doubt impressed!

Who wants to visit with me?


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