Tillisberger: Ignore the law, let's barge ahead with vouchers

Judge Robert Hobgood was abundantly clear in his ruling on school vouchers: they're unconstitutional and the state is not allowed to disburse any voucher money.

Of course, Tillisberger didn't like that. And Tillisberger is used to getting their way. They're despotic and don't care much for the rule of law -- they just want to get their way.

So before the court's written ruling has even been issued, Tillisberger yanked the vouchers case away from North Carolina's attorney general, ignored the Court of Appeals and went directly to the NC Supreme Court demanding to disburse the illegal voucher money.

A three-judge appeals court panel rejected [the emergency] request [to disburse voucher funds] on Monday, saying it was premature to offer such a ruling without a written order from Superior Court Judge Robert Hobgood.

Instead of waiting for that order, which is expected in a few days, attorneys representing legislative leaders Phil Berger and Thom Tillis and several families pushed ahead to the N.C. Supreme Court.

Voucher critics immediately tried to halt the requested intervention, saying a departure from the typical appeals process is not warranted.

Tillisberger is hellbent on disbursing the voucher funds. They aren't going to let a little thing like the court system or the NC Constitution stand in their way. They are used to getting their way.

And the Republican party paid good money to buy the NC Supreme Court. So Tillisberger isn't about to wait around when they can enlist their Supreme Court partners to allow them to break the law and violate the Constitution.


First they tried

to distribute the voucher money before the original hearing. The disbursement date originally was in September, but they moved it up a month to try to sneak the money out before the judge could rule.

Now that that didn't work, they want to simply ignore the judge's order. And they want the NC Supreme Court to aid and abet them.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Here's my take

Tillis made a deal with his wealthy donors ie. voucher vultures. In exchange for their contributions both for election to the House, promotion to speaker and eventually US senator, Tillis would gut public education in NC and hand it over to the vultures; maybe even get a little kickback at the taxpayers' expense. Now Hobgood has gone and thrown a wrench in that plan so he's (Tillis) taking it to the Supreme's; who he and his kin hope to own one day (which is looking likely based on McCrory's recent appointment); and in perpetuity.

Of course elections come and go and when, not if, the Democrats eventually take control of North Carolina again, it will take years to undo the mess that the Republican/Tea Party has made.