Tillis's broken clock: UPDATE

After a career of doing absolutely nothing good for America, Senator Tillis may finally be at the point of doing something that matters. I say "may" because drafting legislation is easy. Now he has to get it past the rest of Congress and Trump. I'd be surprised if he puts himself on the line to make this happen.

JUST IN: Tillis already backing down. Sez there’s no need for the bill. Never fails to disappoint.



It would hurt so much to have to praise him

I'm going to hold my tongue until I get a sense of whether this is something he is willing to fight for or whether it is more of an attempt to save his own arse in 2020.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I agree

It’s all theater at this stage. Tillis doesn’t have the skills to make legislation happen.

Tillis may have his own scandal to deal with

From WRAL:

"North Carolina voters were among the first in the U.S. to be targeted by Cambridge Analytica, which boasted that its cache of 'psychographic data' could be used to build personality profiles of voters and target political ads at them to influence their behavior." And this targeting benefitted Tillis.

Meanwhile, Reuters is reporting that UK authorities are seeking warrants to search the Cambridge Analytica offices after revelations that the company data on millions of users from Facebook and that the company used bribes, prostitution setups and other dirty tricks to influence elections.