Tim D’Annunzio advocating armed insurrection?

Is Republican Tim D’Annunzio, who is running for the Republican Congressional primary in NC-8, advocating a armed insurrection if Democrats maintain control of the White House and Congress in 2012? Check out this quote in the Stanly News and Press from a meeting Tim had with local Republicans in Stanly County.

When questioned by a member of the audience as to whether he was merely testing the waters or was ready for war with the current administration, D’Annunzio assured everyone of his commitment.

“I’m not tip-toeing. This is a profound time, the most important time since 1776 and the last time we have a chance to so peacefully,” he said. “In 2010, the best we can hope for is to stop the socialist move, then in 2012, we win back the presidency and ’repeal’ becomes the word of the day.”

Why does Tim hate the democratic process so much?


What a jerk

What's with Republicans and violence? Why weren't they pushing for armed revolution when King George raped the country over the past eight years?

"SunShine" Phony Patriot?

“I’m not tip-toeing. This is a profound time, the most important time since 1776 and the last time we have a chance to so peacefully,” he said. “In 2010, the best we can hope for is to stop the socialist move, then in 2012, we win back the presidency and ’repeal’ becomes the word of the day.”* Neo-Con Republican Arms Dealer

The first time the Police State takes a pop at him, he will sing like a out of control Rock Group at a Groupie gang bang.....The Looney Fool has been watching too much of Glenn Beck at the Chalk Board

Not a politician

In D'Annunzio's latest TV ad (shown on News14 and Faux News) he says he's "not a politician and never will be".
So I guess that if Mr. D'Annunzio gets elected, he will call himself a plumber.
By the way, this guy sold one of his businesses for $60 million and can fully self-finance his whole campaign.

Biting the hand that feeds

D'Annuzio directly benefited from our tax dollars by getting the education and contacts to start his business while serving in the Army. Not to mention profiting from the Federal corporate welfare program AKA the Defense Department budget by being a DOD supplier. Not that I have a problem with that since I obtained free vocational training from federal programs and went to college on the GI bill. I just wish D'Annuzio and others like him would remember the boost up they got from tax dollars when they are blowing on how they "made it on their own"

It's a common pattern

Milk government right before you start hating it.

Truth matters

You should come hear me speak rather than just make your always wrong assumptions based on out of context quotes. Every one of your assertions are incorrect.
Will be praying for you.

Always wrong?

Always wrong? Always?

Your way with words leaves much to be desired. Truth does matter, and you seem to have little regard for it. I'll be praying for you, too.

I'll also be asking the language gods to help you with your grammar.

Just sayin'.


James, I get a little "snippy" here sometimes, but if I EVER say something like that here, revoke my priviledges immediately !

Rather than dispute anything or even sign the post, he goes for the throat !

He will be praying for you? Guess he does not sign on to the WWJD philosophy.

Such arrogance

I agree, Foxtrot. The guy is obviously so full of himself that he assumes everyone else is an idiot or a liar. Just the kind of representation North Carolina needs in Congress. Not.

Of course, it may not even be him. It's hard to imagine a person running for public office whose ego is so fragile that he won't even write using his own name.


It probably is him

Paraclete is the name of the military equipment supply company he founded back in the 1990's. Here are some interesting observations about Robin Hayes' possible involvement with Paraclete's contracting relationship with DoD.

D'Annunzio = war profiteer?

Don't you just love government-hating assholes who got rich selling crap to the very same government they hate?

From the link Steve provided:

Paraclete stands to benefit from a company relocation facilitated by North Carolina Republican Congressman Robin Hayes, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee. In a story that appeared in the Raeford News-Journal Victoriana Summers writes:

Complete Parachute Solutions (CPS) would operate in tandem with Paraclete Aero, a new parachute equipment company opening near the Raeford airport in September, according to Congressman Robin Hayes, who helped arrange the deal. CPS will venture with Paraclete Aero, owned by Raeford resident Tim D'Annunzio. He is also president of Paraclete Armor and Equipment of St. Pauls, a manufacturer of body armor. Hayes was instrumental in the government appropriating $300,000 for purchasing military parachute equipment, ensuring CPS, based in Deland, Florida, could transfer its operation to Hoke.

"Congressman Hayes has worked very extensively with CPS officials in an effort to convince them to open a facility in North Carolina's 8th District," Jonathon Felts, a spokesman for Hayes, said. "Company officials noted that the Hoke area has a strong manufacturing base and also liked the location because of its proximity to Fort Bragg."

Hayes, also a member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, made the announcement on Monday. "National Security and economic security are my top two priorities," Hayes said. "I am pleased when both of those objectives can be met with one action. This is a great day for our economic security, but is also a good day for our national security."

SPECIAL NOTE: Three hours ago I checked this cached link. It was exactly as I've quoted it here. However, it's 7:31 EDT and I just checked it again. It's completely different. I have a hard copy of what I've posted here. Will call the paper to get a hard copy from them.

Earlier this year, in April 2004, Paraclete lost a lucrative GSA contract for protective vest systems to Eagle Industries (File B-293509). Then in May 2004 a solicitiation from the GSA mentions two models of Paraclete vests as part of another GSA bid solicitation (FBO #0895 SOLICITATION NOTICE). Are these the same vests? If so, the question becomes, why would the Army be requesting them if, in fact, they were originally rejected as not being up to the standards required by the GSA? Were design changes made in the 30 days between bids? Or is something else going on here?

Small beans compared to some,

but Paraclete has pulled in over $30 million in government contracts in the last decade.

Check this out:

I believe the initial step to a solution of this problem is securing our nation’s borders and ensuring our boarder agents are properly trained and fully equipped.

I bet you do, considering the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement paid you $2,176,630 in 2008 for your equipment.

Also: A "boarder" is somebody who stays at your house and eats your food and such.

Elitist liberal

You got something against illiteracy?

PS I hope D'Annunzio will tell us what his profit margins are

I'm guessin' he's a ringleader in the "screw the stupid government contracts" crowd, meaning he's probably in the 30%+ range?

Doing his part to make America safe and himself filthy rich.

Welcome to the big leagues kid

My assertions are just as correct as your assertions that Larry Kissell is some sort of extreme liberal.