Tim Dunn Knows Iraq Inside and Out

The Charlotte Observer (free registration required) profiled Tim Dunn, "an Iraq war veteran and lawyer who helped mount a case against Saddam Hussein," who will challenge 8th District incumbent Congressman Robin Hayes in 2006. Here's Dunn on Iraq:

A lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves, Dunn spent eight months in Iraq in 2004. He advised a special tribunal prosecuting the former Iraqi leader and officials of his government.

Dunn said he has a "passion for what we're doing over in Iraq" but is troubled by the lack of equipment for U.S. troops and what he describes as a lack of vision by the administration.

"I'm concerned that our current congressman and administration don't have a strategy for winning," he told the Observer. "There needs to be a clearly defined strategy. ... Certainly I'm not advocating pulling people out right now. We invaded that country. We've got a mission to complete."

I'd like to hear more from Dunn about this. The article also quotes Robin Hayes' spokeswoman, Carolyn Hern, saying that "every year, Democrats say this is the year they're going to take Robin out, and every year they don't do it."

Maybe someone should tell Hern that Representatives are elected every two years.