Time to come clean, Pat McCrory

Tonight in the WRAL debate, Mayor Pat McCrory said of the guys who work around his house installing floors: “these people frankly make more money than I do.” Which raises this important question:

How much money did Pat McCrory actually make working at Duke Energy?

As far as I know, McCrory continues to refuse to disclose his personal financial statements. No one except for his handlers knows how rich he's gotten as a pusher for Big Oil. So unless he made less than $20 or $25 an hour at Duke Energy, he's either pulling a Pinocchio, or he's paid his floor guy a boatload of money to keep quiet about something.

What's the deal, Pat? How much money are you paying your floor guy? And is it really more than you made as a career executive at Duke Energy? If not, what the heck is going on? Do you stretch the truth at the drop of a hat just to score political points? Are you another Sarah Palin "maverick" who's never met a lie she couldn't tell?

It's time to come clean, Pat McCrory, We demand it.


The Google is our friend

  • McCrory worked at Duke Energy for 29 years before leaving to run for governor. He held several managerial positions and never disclosed how much he made. On his state ethics form, he reports his mayoral salary as the only other income of more than $5,000 for him or his wife, Ann. The salary is almost $40,000 this year. He reported his Charlotte home as his only property. He reported no business holdings of $10,000 or more, but the ethics form does not require mutual fund holdings." O-No!
  • At Duke, where he's a senior adviser in the economic development group, his pay is full time, but his schedule less clear. Neither he nor his boss will say how much he works. ‘I don't keep track of hours,’ says supervisor Tony Alameida. ‘We pay people for results.’ …Neither McCrory nor Duke will divulge his salary or his hours. Duke encourages many employees to work at home. McCrory says he does Duke business at home, at work and even at City Hall. More here.

I don't know about you, but I'd like a job doing floors in Charlotte.

Pat's Crib

Looking up his tax records, Pat's house is worth a cool half mil. Somehow I don't think the floor guy is pulling in more bux.

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