Time for the Truth

You all know it, We’ve all heard it a thousand times. But yet it remains a important part of my creed!

“Greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his Brother”

It has rung true in each war that has ever been fought upon the face of this planet! EXCEPT ONE!! Our current war in which we the progressive, moderate’s & conservative’s that swear allegiance to the or a form of Democratic Party are currently involved in.

I know exactly how close we all are here at Blue NC. I truly believe somewhere deep inside me that me ,Anglico, Lance, Robert & Momo probably comprendhend this they better than anyone else. But, I just want to take this a step father! Now, all of us here are very knowledgeable, some are grads, some under grads. SO at least that proves we are all smart.

But, I ask you ,HOW SMART are our Republican Counterparts within each of our districts? Could each of them, Congress & Senate, NC Senate & House ,Counties all, bring themselves to say that they could follow this Commandment? It is who I am, Simply put, Nothing more, nothing less! Now Charlie Taylor, you make brags, but where the heck were you when 58,448 of my Brother & Sister in arms were killed in Vietnam? Sitting back drinking a cold one with Dick Cheney more or less as he has 5 deferments. In the 50th NC Senate race Ken McKim ,YOU my friend were not born much less in diapers so don’t come spouting off at your mouth that you know more than 1st. Lt. John Snow did. Just sit there and eat your Cherrios & hope to be a big boy! And Charles just sit with him and drink your Insure. You see ,you both suffer from “CRS”!

Now, I ask both of you in a most honorable way, The only way this old Vietnam Era Vet knows how to ask.
When everything FUBARS and comes down to the point of making a decision, Could you, Would you, freely without hesitation of thought before acting lay your life down for a brother? A democrat Brother whom possibly has not any more hate or remorse for you than a man for South China? I am really interested to see how this would play out!


When it comes to this,

my experience is people don't have to think. They DO what they do and the thinking comes later.

I've seen people jump into insane situations and help others, just as they were trained to do. Not much thinking was involved. We just do what we do in the heat of the moment. That's the test, isn't it.

Robin Hayes, when his "moment" came up, betrayed his word and his constitutents. That's the kind of man he is.

Very Good A!.....

Give dat boy a ceegar!
Dan Siler
Graham County Democrat Party