Tom (Art Pope's Lackey) Murry's blatantly racist mailer

Tom Murry v. Chris Heagarty, a race dominated by mailers and ads from Americans for Prosperity and other third party (i.e. Art Pope) groups attacking Chris Heagarty. Chris has defended himself well, but nobody should have to be subject to racism and cultural insensitivity.

The latest ad, sent by the NC GOP Executive Committee supports Murry by attacking Heagarty for raising taxes. Of course, he hasn't, but it;s not the lie from the GOP that matters here. We're used to that. No.

It's the racism.

Heagarty's face is darkened and a sombrero is on his head, and he says "Mucho Taxo."

Appalling. I sent it to Rob Christensen. I am sure it will make its appearance in an article next May about how Dems and Republicans are both bad.

It would be nice if we had a political reporter who called stuff like this what it is. UNWORTHY of our politics. UNAMERICAN in its racism.

SHAME on the NC GOP.



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