Tonight's VP debate

Obama didn't make mistakes; he just missed opportunities. He rambled while Romney was crisp. He was passive while Romney was assertive. Romney's sudden shift from right-wing rhetoric to moderate reason seemed to throw Obama off balance. Romney looked straight into the camera when he spoke; Obama's eyes were too often focused elsewhere.

Here's hoping that VP Joe Biden can give a great debate performance tonight. Read more here, commentary from McClatchy news.


Donna Brazile on Twitter about debate

Donna Brazile ‏@donnabrazile

“@GetJetMag: Biden is not letting Ryan get away with anything tonight. Now THIS is a debate. #VPDebate” #BidenRocks

Martha Brock

Ryan on Roe v Wade

Walton Robinson ‏@WaltonRobinson

Funny how Paul Ryan's talk about faith always omits fact that his idol, Ayn Rand, was a devout atheist. #NCPOL #vpdebate

on the Dem side: CNN Breaking News ‏@cnnbrk

Biden says he believes life begins at conception, but he says he refuses to impose that on others. #cnndebate

Martha Brock

Biden kicked ass

Ryan adopted Romney's "Gish Gallop" approach of lobbing out bullshit and hoping something would stick.

Main point for me? Ryan wants to make America a wholly owned subsidiary of the Catholic Church. To hell with that.

Martha did a decent job keeping the guys in line. Too bad she's not doing the next presidential debate.

Biden 50% Ryan 31% CBS Poll

"A CBS News/GFK poll of 500 uncommitted voters gives Biden 50% edge to Ryan's 31%"

I believe CBS was the pollster last time that everyone used to say Romney won the first round. If you trusted them then, then this was a blow out for Joe!

Joe kicked butt on Lyin' Ryan

Give 'em hell, Joe. You rawk.

(I decided since I been a member here for 4½ years, maybe it's time to put my oar in the water.)

Now we need a stellar performance next Tues. and life can regain its balance some.

Proud member of BlueNC for more than 7½ years

Joe made Ryan out for what he is...

a little needle-dicked bug f..ker who's only strength is lies, misrepresentations, and reliance on ignorance, bigotry and greed.

Stan Bozarth