Tony Tata's DOT goes downhill

As the NCGA proceeds with voter suppression requiring photo ID, Tony Tata's DOT can't even produce drivers licenses that don't fall apart.

Triangle drivers tell the Road Worrier that their North Carolina driver’s licenses are fading, splitting, peeling and breaking. They repair them with tape. They get replacements from DMV. The replacements go bad, too.

Maybe Tony is an ivory tower elitist who whiles away his time in his air-conditioned office in Raleigh, with his latte and his contempt, and chuckles while the good people of North Carolina are fighting hard to get photo IDs, but the IDs fall apart and have to be replaced.

Pat's entire cabinet is composed of incompetent political hacks. Not surprising, when Pat is an incompetent political hack.


Poor Tony

Has to stand in line behind Wos, Skvarla, and Decker to get a little disrespect.