A tough conversation

Well my wife and I voted today. It seemed quick and painless, almost fun even. But we did not think about the long-term consequences. We voted against Amendment One, you see, and can already feel the sanctity of our marriage slipping away. I ordered Legends of the Fall on Netflix and put Logo in my favorite channels lineup. My wife, the poor dear, is learning that peeing standing up isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Tomorrow will be the most difficult part. Not only do we have to tell the kids that we're gay but we also have to set aside hours indoctrinating them into the gay lifestyle. Then there's my Dad. He voted against as well and will have to give up his bachelor lifestyle to go out and get gay married.

Luckily this is happening all across the state so it will be easy to find partners to gay marry. In the meantime I'll live to live with the cruel fact that my wife is now open to lesbianism yet that no longer interests me as it once did.



Just offering a bit of snark and levity there. I do take this issue very seriously and I hope everyone gets out there to vote this hateful thing down. And talk to people about it. As I said before and as polls have shown, so many people have no clue what this amendment does. I actually had someone call me today just to be clear whether "for" or "against" was the anti-hate position.

Also, I wrote an LTTE in the local paper that was published Friday. I picked up the paper yesterday expecting to get bashed. Instead I was happily surprised to find yet another letter opposing the amendment.

Gonna go send some emails and make some calls. My goal is to get 20 confirmed "AGAINST" votes. So far, counting me and my wife, I have seven.

That happened to me too

I voted AGAINST AMENDMENT ONE and so did my wife, and now our 25 years of marriage is meaningless and our relationship is on the rocks.


*perks up ears*

Jane is interested in lesbianism now? Hmmmm.... :)

Seriously -- Good for you guys and thanks for all the room you give here on Blue NC so people understand the issue.