Triangle Caravan to Barack The Vote for Obama in South Carolina – Saturday, Jan. 12

(For information on carpooling with other Triangle residents to volunteer for the Obama campaign in South Carolina, visit the Triangle For Obama Meetup Group or call Carolyn Cameron @ (919) 454-7221. The next Triangle caravan leaves Saturday, Jan. 12 at 6 am. Obama's South Carolina webpage is

We ended up in Columbia, S.C. one weekend in December, volunteering at Obama’s South Carolina headquarters by canvassing and phonebanking likely voters. What we witnessed explains why the last obstacles to a tidal wave of support for Obama among black voters in South Carolina are now being swept away.

Both of us felt Obama’s South Carolina operation was more organized than past political campaigns we’ve worked on. And much more able to effectively harness volunteer energy, which is key for any successful campaign. If you want to make the trip, your efforts will be put to good use making a difference in the Jan. 26 primary race.

An account of our experience including more photos and video is posted at The Latest Outrage.


Latest outrage

Thanks for posting this. Much appreciated. You guys/gals must be pretty darned excited these days!

Keep us posted.

hopefully I'll run into you guys sometime

I make a trip to Rock Hill regularly to volunteer in the office there.
You're right, it all seems very well organized.
I'm sure we'll have lots to celebrate tonight!

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