Trudy Wade doubles down on attack to democracy

There's more than one way to gerrymander a city:

The N.C. Senate voted 31-16 Thursday morning to approve House Bill 263, which originally would only make changes to the Trinity City Council. However, state Sen. Trudy Wade (R-Guilford) modified the Trinity bill, adding the changes to the Greensboro council that were originally proposed in Senate Bill 36, which has been languishing in a House committee.

There should be a rule dealing with this, a tactic we've seen more than once from overly-aggressive Republican lawmakers. They put a bill forward, and when it starts to struggle from lack of support, they just add the same language to another bill. In other words, if you can't get what you want, it's time to start cheating. When the House gets HB263 back, they should vote it down with extreme prejudice. Send a message now, or risk losing whatever limited powers you still have.



We made this possible, apparently

By "we" I mean Democrats in the former majority. Elections have consequences, and so does wielding whatever power you can grab onto.

I was sitting in on that

I was sitting in on that committee meeting and it was one of those, WTF? moments. We went from Trinity to Greensboro in the blink of an eye.

First, I haven't figured out why Trinity needs to have its town council shrunk--the majority currently serving are Republicans. And that, 'people are tired of hearing them argue' just isn't a real reason for changing everything. So what is really going on over there?

Second, when Greensboro's election changes were brought up, the chair graciously allowed Sen Gladys Robinson to speak (she is not a member of that committee). She asked why in the world would Sen Wade be pursuing this when thousands and thousands of Greensboro citizens have signed petitions against it? She never received a coherent answer.

And that is the question that remains….why does Sen Trudy Wade insist upon this change when so many citizens are against it? The only possible answer is that she does not consider the citizens of Greensboro to be her real constituents.

When Two wants to know,

you are already in deep kimchee...

That's the kind of media exposure that ends political careers, no matter how gerrymandered your district is. The GOP will throw her under the bus long before the voters do, though, mark my words.